Grain Free is good for everyone! Many people eat gluten free due to Celiac disease; some due to wheat intolerance. However, most gluten free items still contain processed sugar, preservatives and other grains that are not good for the body. Grains and sugar can cause inflammation in the digestive tract which can lead to Celiac, Crohns/Colitis, IBS/IBD, Rheumatoid Arthritis, ADD/ADHD and many other autoimmune diseases. In addition, chronic headaches and many skin issues are attributed to inflammation caused by gluten and grains. Eliminating all grains – rice, potatoes, corn, soy, wheat – helps to reduce inflammation throughout your body.


Incorporating nuts into your diet adds heart healthy unsaturated fats, plant-based proteins and fiber. The proteins and fiber slows digestion which can help you feel fuller longer, and therefore can aid in weight loss. The healthy fats can help to lower your cholesterol and fight inflammation. Best part? Nuts are delicious!

Our Story

Squirrel & The Bee features grain-free (gluten-free), refined-sugar-free, and no or low dairy products. We serve muffins, granola, cookies, and frozen desserts (think 26 flavors of amazing dairy free ice cream…), along with more savory items like soups and salads, eggs/omelettes, veggie burgers and more.

Owner and professional pastry chef Michelle Retik, of Short Hills, NJ, began exclusively cooking with nut flours and raw local honey in 2012 after experiencing little success with traditional medical treatment for Ulcerative Colitis. Michelle switched to a restrictive dietary regimen that eliminated all grains, refined sugars and most dairy and immediately began experiencing relief in her symptoms. She is now completely symptom free. Word spread of her baked goods and Michelle soon found demand for her specialty pastry treats for others both on and off the restrictive diets.

“This is my lemonade. I was faced with an unfortunate diagnosis and was able to turn it into something that not only helps me but many others as well. I’m able to pursue my passion, help others, and feel great every day.” -Michelle Retik

What goes in…


Adding nuts into your daily diet is good for heart health and provides healthy fats, calcium and other nutrients that are great for your body. We use a combination of nuts including almonds, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts, cashews and macadamias in our baked goods for taste and nutrition. Go Nuts and Enjoy!

Raw Local Honey

Squirrel & The Bee uses raw local honey to help sweeten our treats. This keeps food miles down and helps the beekeeper to cover the costs of beekeeping. Local honey complies with all food standards requirements but is not mistreated to give it a long shelf life. It tastes quite different to foreign supermarket honey and has a flavour that reflects local flora.


Organic, Cage Free Eggs

Yes, happy chicks lay good eggs!