Are You Stressed Out???
There are so many signs and symptoms of stress, but do you know what they are? Do you know what stress does to your body? It seems so easy to ignore stress – it is not a disease or infection that can be treated with a visit to the doctor. Stress requires more time and attention on a regular basis. In fact, it requires effort on a daily basis. But who has time for that when we are stressed?
It’s easy to find “reasons” for the different symptoms; Stress seems to be something that people do not like to acknowledge, as if stress is something we don’t talk about in our lives. Unfortunately, in today’s world, stress is becoming more and more prevalent as an overriding cause of many of our health issues. In addition to the age-old stressors of work, marriage and children, we now have social media, politics and horrific acts around the world.
According to the Mayo Clinic, below are some of the signs of stress:
Common effects of stress on your body
* Headache
* Muscle tension or pain
* Chest Pain
* Fatigue
* Change in sex drive
* Sleep Problems
Common effects of stress on your mood
* Anxiety
* Restlessness
* Lack of motivation or focus
* Feeling Overwhelmed
* Irritability or anger
* Saddness or depression
Common effects of stress on your behavior
*Overeating or undereating
* Angry outbursts
* Social withdrawal
* Exercising less often
Wow-that’s not a small list. I can count almost all of them among my stress responses. These responses do not only affect me, they affect my husband, my children, my friends, and my coworkers as it impacts how I interact. These are the people that I love and enjoy most, yet I am sometimes tired or irritable or withdrawn or depressed (you get the point…) and they feel that when I am with them. Ouch.
I’d like to change this, but change is hard and even harder when you are stressed. No challenge in life is easy. This is my challenge right now, to myself for the ones I love.
So how does this change happen? Slowly, with baby steps. Stress did to happen overnight and it will not go away overnight. Be patient and kind to yourself as you are working on improvements.
Dr. Mark Hyman has created a list of 5 Ways to Never Be Stressed Again. I don’t know that I can say that I will never be stressed again if I follow this list, but I do know it will help me handle the stress in my life (Did I mention that I have a daughter applying to college this year…?) and hopefully not allow the stress to take over when I am feeling overwhelmed.
If you feel that you are experiencing some of these symptoms or signs of stress, please join me in my effort to make some positive changes. We can do this together!
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