If you’ve got the cooking skills to match the very best, then it’s time to upgrade your kitchen with the best 48 inch gas range cooker.

These cookers will transform your kitchen in an instant, providing you a professional cooktop and oven, which will transform the food that you put on the table.

With the extra room for burners, griddles, and special attachments, your cooktop will let you broil, stir-fry, and sear to your heart’s content.

The additional oven space, and even two ovens, will mean dinner parties and large family gatherings can be catered with supreme ease.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at some of the finest 48 inch cookers America has to offer.

List Of best-48-inch-gas-range

  1. Thor Kitchen Professional Style Gas Range
  2. Thor Kitchen 48” Griddle Gas Range
  3. Thor Kitchen Pro-Style Professional Gas Range
  4. Thor Kitchen 3-Piece Kitchen Package
  5. Thor Kitchen 4-Piece Bundle

Comparison Table Of Top best-48-inch-gas-range

Thor Kitchen Professional Style Gas Range
Dimensions: 44.25x48x39.75 inches
Oven Capacity: 6.7 Cubic Feet
Heating Elements: 6
Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Thor Kitchen 48” Griddle Gas Range
Dimensions: 48×27.5×39 inches
Oven Capacity: 6.7 Cubic Feet
Heating Elements: 6
Fuel Type: Gas
Thor Kitchen Pro-Style Professional Gas Range
Dimensions: 47.21×28.25×37.17 inches
Oven Capacity: 6.7 Cubic Feet
Heating Elements: 6
Fuel Type: Natural Gas or Propane
Thor Kitchen 3-Piece Kitchen Package
Pieces: 48” Gas Range, 48” Under Cabinet Range Hood, 24” Dishwasher
Oven Capacity: 6.7 Cubic Feet
Heating Elements: 6
Fuel Type: Natural Gas or Propane
Thor Kitchen 4-Piece Bundle
Pieces: 48” Gas Range, 48” Under Cabinet Range Hood, 24” Dishwasher, 36-inch refrigerator
Oven Capacity: 6.7 Cubic Feet
Heating Elements: 6
Fuel Type: Natural Gas or Propane


Are 48 Ranges Worth It?

48” ranges are worth the money. Besides being aesthetically pleasing and an amazing addition to your kitchen’s interior, they have an outstandingly strong build. The grates are made of sturdy materials like cast iron and steel that offer stability for any pots and pans on the cooktop while the ranges are made of superior quality stainless steel that is resistant to rust, scratches, and dents for a long time; this is the reason behind their heaviness. The brilliant simmer capability of a 48” range is praiseworthy and thanks to the mind-blowing insulation properties, users are likely to shed no sweat while working. All these features are definitely worth the expense.

Does GE Make A 48 Range?

GE does manufacture 48-inch ranges of amazing quality. They are guaranteed to provide excellent service as the temperature settings are easy to control and the insulation system is praiseworthy;the Reverse Air technology on GE’s 48-inch range also helps in ensuring that users have a good time baking and cooking. Being made of tough material increases the longevity of the oven racks and makes them perfect for handling heavy-duty tasks. Stainless steel griddles are present that allow perfect control of heat when cooking while being resistant to corrosion. Overall, it looks amazing and is bound to beautify your kitchen and cooking experience.

Is 48-Inch gas Range Too Big For My Kitchen?

48-inch ranges are pretty huge compared to the commonly used 30-inch or 36-inch ranges which is why they can be too big for your kitchen. To identify whether if a 48-inch range can fit in your kitchen, take measurements of the space you wish to designate for your stove and oven. If the dimensions of the measured area are less than the dimensions of your stove, then a 48-inch range is too big for your kitchen.

5 best-48-inch-gas-range Reviews

1. Thor Kitchen Professional Style Gas Range

Let’s talk about oven space. If you’re cooking large meals, then you need a lot of it.

This Thor Kitchen appliance comes with dual ovens. Those ovens are side-by-side, which makes using them much easier than a top oven/bottom oven configuration.

In line with the idea that this appliance supports professional-level cooking is the commercial-grade fan. This aids convection cooking. Convection cooking is crucial if you want to make the most of your food. It ensures even heat distribution, and therefore perfectly cooked oven items.

Your stainless steel appliance also includes six burners and a 15,000-BTU griddle. A griddle is perfect for cooking breakfast items like hash browns and bacon and other products such as burgers or sausages. If you like a tremendous warm sandwich, then the griddle also aids with that.

Your burners offer you the chance to try all cooking techniques, from intense wok cooking to light cooking with very little heat involved.

Essentially, this a professional kitchen oven that will let you do everything in your home.

Highlighted Features

1. Dual ovens offer energy-efficient convection cooking with commercial-grade fan
2. Oven includes 16,500 BTU Infrared Broiler to radiate heat to food
3. The cooktop includes powerful 18,000-BTU burners great for searing
4. 650-BTU simmer function lets you prepare delicate cuisine

2. Thor Kitchen 48” Griddle Gas Range

Temperature plays an essential role for anyone looking to cook to a professional standard. This Thor Kitchen appliance has been designed so that you can set the temperatures exactly as you with.

The temperature knobs are used in professional kitchens, where attention to detail is crucial. So, if you want precise cooking temperatures, rather than the temperature being near to what you need, this is the appliance for you.

Overall, the appliance comes with two ovens (4.2 and 2.5 cubic feet capacity), six burners (15,000-BTU to 650-BTU range), and a griddle. Think about all the cooking options you are getting when you buy this cooker. The possibilities are endless in terms of the dishes you can create.

This gas cooker also has the benefit of durability. It is made from stainless steel, so salt and acids will not be corrosive, and the appliance will last a long time. When spending a lot of money on an appliance, longevity is essential.

Highlighted Features

1. Heavy-duty cast iron cooking grates help the spread of heat from sealed gas burners
2. Commercial temperature knobs let you set precise temperatures
3. Dual ovens easy to clean thanks to blue porcelain coating
4. Six burners and a griddle on the cooktop offer opportunity for a range of cooking techniques

3. Thor Kitchen Pro-Style Professional Gas Range

Energy efficiency is a big deal, both in terms of your bank balance and the environment. Thor Kitchen provides an LP conversion kit for those who want to get the benefits of using propane over natural gas.

What are the benefits of propane?

For a start, propane delivers more power (BTU) per gallon than natural gas. It also burns less volume per hour than natural gas by a ratio of 2:1.

So, do you go for propane or natural gas?

If you are looking at it from a cost perspective, you need to see if natural gas is cheaper than propane in your area. It differs from place to place.

Environmentally, however, propane is the better choice.

In terms of this appliance, whether using propane or natural gas, you get 6.7 cubic feet capacity across two ovens, six burners with a high power U-shape burner at 22,000-BTU, and a 15,000-BTU griddle.

Highlighted Features

1. 22,000-BTU, 18,000-BTU, and 15,000-BTU burners included among the six total
2. Stainless steel material and cast iron grates offer durability and longevity
3. Dual ovens include one at 30-inches and one at 18-inches
4. LED light-up knobs let you know when the controls are on

4. Thor Kitchen 3-Piece Kitchen Package

If you love the idea of a professional 48″ cooker with a dual oven, six burners, and griddle, then you’ll have been more than happy with the three options we provided thus far.

This cooker has all the features we’ve talked about thus far, but it can be purchased with two additional items. One of those items is a 24″ dishwasher – a much-needed kitchen appliance for those who don’t have the time to wash all the dishes by hand, and the second item being an undercabinet range hood.

It’s always a good idea to buy your kitchen appliances together as a set because they are all designed to match. Therefore the beauty of the kitchen is enhanced.

A range hood is a brilliant addition to a kitchen and much needed if cooking on a professional cooker. You will find this hood reducing the heat in your kitchen very quickly, as well as removing pollutants and grease from the air.

Buying this set of kitchen appliances means excellent cooking, a cleaner, cooler kitchen, and an easier post-meal cleanup.

Highlighted Features

1. Commercial convection fan for evenly distributed heat
2. Automatic re-ignition should flame extinguish on a burner
3. 15,000-BTU Stainless Steel Griddle on the cooktop
4. Comes with 48” under cabinet range hood

5. Thor Kitchen 4-Piece Bundle

Get a complete set with Thor Kitchen. All these pieces are stainless steel with a beautiful finish and have been built to last.

The refrigerator and dishwasher are essential items for a kitchen, and having them match up to your cooker, and range hood just makes everything look all the more aesthetically pleasing.

Your 48″ range gas cooker has everything you need to cook professionally – dual ovens with a total 6.7 cubic feet capacity, six burners offering a high of 18,000 BTU and a low of 650-BTU, and a griddle sitting upon the cooktop.

A range hood will help keep your kitchen cool as well as removing the smells of cooking very quickly, letting you sit down for your meal, knowing that the conditions will be perfect.

Cleaning never has to be a problem again as the oven is made with an easy-clean porcelain interior. The iron grates on the cooktop can also be washed in the Thor Kitchen dishwasher that comes as part of the set.

Highlighted Features

1. Comes with 48” range hood, 24” dishwasher, and 36” refrigerator
2. All pieces in stainless steel with anti-fingerprint finish
3. 48″ gas range cooker comes with a dual oven and six burners
4. Two halogen lights let you easily see into the oven

Best 48 Inch Gas Range Buying Guide

When searching for the best-48-inch-gas-range cooker to help you have a more professional setup in the kitchen, there are a few features to look out for. Here, we go through them so you can make a more informed decision on what to buy.


If you are looking for a professional kitchen set up at home, then you know all about the importance of burners and how they make a difference in terms of cooking techniques.

A 48-inch range is going to have at least six burners and could have up to eight, depending on whether a griddle has been included or not.

With six burners, you need to make sure you have a burner for everything. 16,000-BTU burners are a minimum if you want to sear your food. Additionally, a low BTU burner is required for recipes that require less intense heat. Thus a burner that offers 650-BTU should be found.

Some stoves come with additional accessories for wok cooking. If this is a technique you will be using a lot, it is a good idea to find a 20,000-BTU burner.


48″ range cookers will usually give you a dual oven set up. One larger oven with a smaller oven next to it is the best set up. This allows you to cook multiple dishes at different temperatures and timings.

The larger oven should be 30″, with the smaller one being 18″.

Look for easy clean ovens. These usually have an interior lined with porcelain or ceramic so that they can be wiped clean.

Some ovens also have an infrared broiling feature. This can be especially useful for browning or caramelizing food or if you need to cook thin food items quickly.

Commercial fans are also a feature of professional kitchen ovens. Convection cooking is needed if you want heat evenly distributed around the oven. The better the fan, the better the air will circulate in the oven. It all leads to even better-tasting food.


48-inches is a lot of space. Therefore, a griddle on the cooktop has to be considered a necessity rather than a luxury. Think of everything you can cook if you have one.

Pancakes, eggs, hash-browns – practically any breakfast item you can think of can be cooked to perfection on a griddle.

But a griddle isn’t just for breakfast.

Sandwiches and other bread-based lunches can also be prepared using the griddle.

Even if you’ve never used one before, all you need is an internet connection and access to YouTube, and you’ll be griddling to perfection in no time at all.

Temperature Control

Professional chefs deal with precise changes in temperature, so why shouldn’t you be doing the same in your home kitchen?

Precise temperature control knobs are essential. Imprecise temperature for any length of time can change the way something cooks, and therefore alter the flavors and texture of your food.


You have a choice between natural gas and propane.

Environmentally, propane is the better fuel to use because less of it is needed per hour of cooking.

Economically, natural gas may be cheaper. It really depends where you live, and the rates your supplier is offering.

Additional Appliances

Kitchens require more than just a cooker. You can buy a full set of matching appliances, which just adds to the aesthetic of the kitchen.

Range hoods, dishwashers, and refrigerators can all come as a bundle, making your shop around for kitchen appliances much more straightforward than if you were looking for them individually.

Bottom Line

We love the idea of having a professional set up in our home kitchen.

The best-48-inch-gas-rangecooker offers you incredible options and flexibility in your cooking.

With dual ovens, at least six burners, and the possibility of a griddle on the cooktop, you really have everything you need to experiment with every cooking technique under the sun.

Now, all you need to do is get one of these incredible cookers into your kitchen. Everyone who eats at your dinner table will thank you for it.