how to light a gas grill with a lighter

The majority of contemporary gas grills have an igniting system built in. This system is often made to be simple to operate, allowing you to turn on your barbecue with the touch of a button. But occasionally, your ignition system ages and/or only functions occasionally. Or, you might need to manually light your grill if it’s an older model. Whichever method you choose, this article will show you how to safely manually light a gas grill. Here are the procedures for safely manually lighting a gas grill.(how to light a gas grill with a lighter)

  • First, open the lid.
  • 2. Inspect the Knobs
  • Open the gas tank valve in step three.
  • Step 4: Select the Best Location for Your Grill’s Lighting
  • Step 5: Start the single burner with the gas.
  • Step 6: Start Additional Burners
  • Step 7: Fire Up the Grill

Open the lid:

When safely lighting your gas grill, you must open the lid. If the lid is closed and a control knob is turned to the Hi/Light setting, gas can fill your grill very quickly. It stands to reason that putting a flame on the gas could result in an explosion. As a result, never light a grill without first opening the cover.  Some models prevent you from manually lighting the grill without opening the lid by requiring you to do so through the cooking grates. Other designs, however, have manual lighting holes on either side of the grill. On these models, it’s simple to overlook opening the lid, but doing so is essential!(how to light a gas grill with a lighter)

Check the knobs:

Check sure all of the control knobs are set to the off position after lifting the lid. Even if some control knobs appear to be closed, they can nonetheless be stuck open. Therefore, it’s crucial to make sure that each knob is set to the “off” position. Gas seeping out of a hob without your knowledge is the absolute last thing you want while manually lighting your grill.(how to light a gas grill with a lighter)

Open the gas tank valve:

To do this with a propane grill, crank the tank’s knob anticlockwise until it stops. Depending on your arrangement, you ought to have a valve that does the same function if you have a natural gas grill. You can skip this step if your natural gas grill lacks a control valve.

Determine the best location to light your grill:

As was already indicated, some grills call for lighting the burners through the grilling grates, while others have a slot you can insert a match or lighter through. Consult your owner’s manual if you’re unclear about the ideal location to light your grill.  A connected match holder is a common feature of grills. Typically, it is a long piece of metal with a loop at the end that is chained to your grill. A match’s butt should be inserted into the final loop. You can then use a conventional kitchen match to ignite the grill as a result. To manually light your grill safely if it does not come with a match holder, you will need a long match or a wand lighter.

Turn on the gas to one burner:

You can start lighting once you’ve determined the ideal location to position your match or lighter. The light you are lighter or strikes a match. Turn the knob to the High/ignite position for the associated hob that you want to ignite. Bring the flame carefully close to the hob, then wait for it to light. Remove the match or lighter after lighting the burner.

Light the other burners:

You can now ignite the other burners according to the type of cooking you intend to conduct. The majority of contemporary grills are cross-lit, allowing you to just turn on the gas to the following burner and have it illuminate. However, some grills demand that you manually light each one. If so, you can carry out steps 3 and 4 again until all of the burners are lit.

Preheat your gas grill:

You can close the lid to start preheating the grill once you’ve lighted all the gas burners you’ll need for the cooking session. Preheating is always a good idea while grilling, regardless of the temperature you need. Additionally, it prepares the grates for grilling by burning off leftover residue and germs from your previous grilling session. Your burners should be on high for at least 10 minutes to allow the grill to preheat.

What should you do if your gas grill does not light?

When placing the flame on the burner and having trouble getting your grill to light, you should turn the burner control knob off and wait five minutes before attempting again. You can try igniting your grill again after waiting for any wayward gas to dissipate. Consult your owner’s manual for troubleshooting if you’re having trouble getting the recommended hob to light. You can typically try starting a different burner. Check your petrol level if that doesn’t work because you might be out of fuel. You should get in touch with the manufacturer or a professional to get the issue diagnosed if you have enough fuel but your burners are not lighting. This could be caused by a problem with the fuel lines.


This step-by-step instruction should help you understand how to properly manually ignite your gas grill regardless of the type you own. However, it’s best to read your owner’s manual before attempting to manually light your grill. To maintain whatever warranty you may have, you should constantly adhere to the safety precautions and directions in your grill’s handbook. This page provides a general summary of the procedures you can follow when lighting your grill, albeit each grill is a little bit different. However, it’s wise to take the necessary precautions whenever working with gas or flames.  Happy grilling and thanks for reading!

For beginners, how should a gas grill be used?

Always prepare your grill for 10 to 15 minutes on medium heat before using it to cook. Searing should only be done briefly at high heat. Use medium heat for hot, quick cooking the rest of the time, and low heat for more gradual cooking or keeping cooked food.

Must you burn on a gas grill?

Yes, we advise 20 minutes of preheating the grill before use. Any oil or packing material should burn off as a result. Then you can start cooking by placing your food on the grill.

How quickly can you light a grill?

igniting charcoal

Put the charcoal in a tidy pile. The fire will spread faster if the charcoal is piled into a mound or pyramid to increase contact.

Light the pile of unlit charcoal right away by adding lighter fluid.

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