Shifting pans about to get them all fitting in an oven can be extremely frustrating. Even if you manage to shuffle them into a position that makes everything fit, there’s every chance that you end up with less than stellar cooking. Not all foods require the same temperature nor a similar cooking time. If you’re not careful, you’ll find some items blackened and burnt and others that haven’t cooked all the way through.

So, what is the solution?

The best double oven ranges let you cook dishes simultaneously. However, using this type of oven means you can cook each dish separately. This gives you the chance to cook the items in each part of double ovens at a different temperature and a different length of time.

With all the extra space, the faster pre-heating time, and outstanding temperature distribution, you’ll be cooking lovely family meals and hosting dinner guests on a regular basis wowing them with the cooking possible on double oven gas ranges.

List Of Double Oven Range

  1. Verona VEFSEE365DSS
  2. Thor Kitchen LRG5801U
  3. GE JVM3160EFES
  4. Verona Prestige Series VPFSGE365DW
  5. Café CGS750P2MS1
  6. Thor Kitchen HRG4803U
  7. Verona VEFSEE365W
  8. Verona VCLFSGE365D
  9. Verona VEFSGE365NDE
  10. Thor Kitchen HRG4808U

Comparison Table Of Top 10 Double Oven Range

our Top Pick
  • Oven Type: Electric Convection
  • Oven 1 Dimensions (WxDxH): 18x17x14 inches
  • Oven 2 Dimensions (WxDxH): 11x17x14 inches
  • Cooktop: Ceramic Glass
Thor Kitchen LRG5801U
  • Oven Type: Gas
  • Oven 1: 30-inches/4.6 cubic feet
  • Oven 2: 18 inches/2.2 cubic feet
  • Cooktop: 6 burners and 1 griddle
  • Oven Type: Gas Convection
  • Total Oven Space: 6.8 cubic feet
  • Oven Layout: Upper and lower
  • Cooktop: 5 burners and 1 griddle
Verona Prestige Series VPFSGE365DW
  • Oven Type: Gas Convection
  • Oven 1 Dimensions (WxDxH): 18x17x14 inches
  • Oven 2 Dimensions (WxDxH): 11x17x14 inches
  • Cooktop: 5 burners
Café CGS750P2MS1
  • Oven Type: Gas
  • Oven Width: 30 inches both
  • Cooktop: 6 burners
  • Self-cleaning: Yes
Thor Kitchen HRG4803U
  • Oven Type: Electric, Halogen
  • Oven 1 Width: 30 inches
  • Oven 2 Width: 18 inches
  • Cooktop: 6 gas burners and 1 griddle
Verona VEFSEE365W
  • Oven Type: Electric
  • Oven 1 Dimensions (WxDxH): 18x17x14 inches
  • Oven 2 Dimensions (WxDxH): 11x17x14 inches
  • Cooktop: 5 burners
Verona VCLFSGE365D
  • Oven Type: Electric
  • Oven Layout: Side-by-side
  • Total Width: 36-inches
  • Total Capacity: 4 cubic feet
  • Oven Type: Electric
  • Oven Layout: Side-by-side
  • Total Width: 36 inches
  • Total Capacity: 3.9 cubic feet
Thor Kitchen HRG4808U
  • Oven Type: Gas
  • Oven Layout: Side-by-side
  • Total Width: 48 inches
  • Total Capacity: 6.7 cubic feet

Top 6 Best Double Oven Range

1. Verona VEFSEE365DSS

This beautiful stove and double oven electric range will change the way you cook.

The two ovens are placed side-by-side, which is advantageous compared to double oven units that place one oven under the other. No kneeling down or back-achingly difficult bending is required to use the second oven cavity.

On the left-hand side is an oven with 18-inch width and 17-inch depth, and 14-inch height. You can use this for your main dishes, such as a lump of roasting meat or a large pizza. At the same time, you can cook side-dishes of roasting veg or oven-baked chips in the secondary oven. This secondary oven is smaller with an 11-inch width but the same depth and height dimensions.

Remember, this is an electric convection oven, so you will get a much better heat consistency and heat distribution than a double oven gas range alternative. This makes the oven ideal for baking cakes.

You will also have space for five pans on the stovetop.

Highlighted Features

  1. EZ Clean porcelain surface means less time and effort needed for oven maintenance
  2. Built with stainless steel for high durability – a double oven for the long term
  3. Ceramic glass cooktop gives a modern look that adds beauty to your kitchen

2. Thor Kitchen LRG5801U

For an oven brand named after an ancient Norse god, you’d expect the oven to be something mighty, and it doesn’t disappoint. You will cook multiple dishes that will tantalize the taste buds.

This is a gas oven, which makes it ideal for ‘wet’ cooking. ‘Wet’ cooking is your roasts and casseroles that require an environment that doesn’t leave the meat dry and tasting less satisfying than it possibly can.

Gas ovens have fewer functioning parts than their electric alternative, and therefore are easier to keep functioning over a long period of time. Remember, an electric oven has a heating element that can become faulty at a moment’s notice without any warning.

You are getting an incredibly spacious 30-inch main oven and an 18-inch secondary oven. Both of these are ideal for precision cooking.

The overall unit looks spectacular with 6 burners, and a griddle sat on top, and the bark black of the knobs and oven frame contrasting beautifully with the stainless steel.

If you ever wanted to cook like a professional, then the Thor Kitchen LRG4801U has all the features you need to turn that dream into reality.

Highlighted Features

  1. Large 30-inch main oven with 4.6 cubic foot interior
  2. Secondary 18-inch oven with 2.2 cubic foot interior
  3. Porcelain oven interior is easy to clean and maintain


This GE double oven range comes as part of a four-piece kitchen appliance that also includes a refrigerator, microwave oven, and dishwasher.

The benefit of buying your electric double oven, or gas range oven, as part of a package, is how this decision ensures all of your kitchen appliances match. If the aesthetics of matching appliances appeal to you, then this kitchen set is a brilliant option. All the appliances are of the highest quality.

In terms of the double oven, this is a gas range. Both ovens combine for 6.8 cubic feet of cooking space, with the bottom oven being slightly larger in height than the top oven. Oven combinations with an upper oven and lower oven set-up are ideal for people who value the width of the oven over height.

If you want the height to be the main feature of your double oven, then it is better to go for the side-by-side option.

Your stovetop with this unit comes with five burners and a griddle in the middle. It’s a perfect set up to cook food for a family home.

Highlighted Features

  1. 6.8 cubic feet cooking capacity across two ovens
  2. Convection oven for faster pre-heat and more even heat distribution
  3. The self-cleaning mode makes post-cook clean up all the easier

4. Verona Prestige Series VPFSGE365DW

Verona has made this oven out of 304 stainless steel. 304 stainless steel material is known for being durable and corrosion-resistant. It is especially good at handling exposure to salt and acids. Therefore, it is ideal for a kitchen appliance that is prone to spillages and droppage of such substances during its use.

With this unit, you get the main oven with an 18-inch width, 17-inch depth, and 14-inch height. The secondary oven has an 11-inch width and equal dimensions elsewhere.

Opting for two ovens with extra height allows more space for racks inside each oven. This is beneficial if you are looking to use extra racks or are using deeper pots or trays that require that extra height to be accommodated.

Electric-turbo fans offer you true convection cooking. Convection ovens help to brown and caramelize your food items while maintaining the moisture and ensuring food is evenly cooked. They also require lower temperatures than non-convection options meaning as the oven heats it is more energy-efficient.

Your Verona Prestige oven will come with five sealed burners on the cooktop – ideal for cooking large meals.

Highlighted Features

  1. Convection oven with turbo fans for better heat circulation and oven temperature control
  2. Total of 3.9 cubic feet of cooking space across two ovens
  3. EZ Clean porcelain oven surface reduces the effort needed to clean after cooking

5. Café CGS750P2MS1

Café has created a 30″ double oven set up that sees a larger (height-wise) oven at the bottom and a smaller upper oven.

This stainless-steel oven offers many features that benefit you as the cook.

Pre-heating can be a bit of a mystery at times in terms of how long it takes for the oven to get up to temperature. While you may be using a thermometer to check the temperature, it can be frustrating to have to keep going back to the oven to check.

A pre-heat signal is a fantastic solution, as you don’t have to waste time with that continual checking.

Another great feature is the timer with auto-shutoff. It is easy to be distracted while completing other cooking tasks, and time can fly. The auto-shutoff means your food is safe even when your mind is elsewhere.

Your oven comes with six burners for an edge to edge cooktop. It’s ideal for large meals.

Highlighted Features

  1. Preheat signal lets you know when your oven is up to temperature and ready to use
  2. Oven timer with auto-shutoff lets you leave your bakes without fear of burning
  3. Auto-self clean mode lets you burn away food deposits leaving you to do other tasks

6. Thor Kitchen HRG4803U

This beast of a cooking appliance for Thor Kitchen is another that comes as part of a multi-piece set-up.

Here you’ll be getting not only the dual oven but a 48″ under cabinet range hood, a stainless-steel dishwasher, and a thirty-six bottle wine cooler. Essentially, you can cook your meals and accompany them with something chilled and refreshing from the cooler.

The benefit of matching kitchen appliances is the aesthetic look. Everything is made from stainless steel and has the same finish.

An oven that comes with a matching hood is a great idea, not just because they look the same, but because the hood will help keep your kitchen cool and remove any odors or harmful pollutants that might usually linger without the hood being there.

Electric, halogen cooking is a feature of this oven. The halogen heating element means more space inside the oven itself. The larger oven is 30-inches wide, with the smaller oven having a width of 18-inches.

Your oven is a duel-fuel cooking appliance, with natural gas burners on the cooktop.

Highlighted Features

  1. 48-inches of oven capacity width across two ovens featuring halogen heating source
  2. Space for multiple racks within each oven
  3. The cooktop comes with six burners and a griddle option for cooking meat

Double Oven Range Buying Guide

When looking for the best range double oven, there are a number of features to look out for. Here we detail those features so that you can get an oven in your kitchen to cook delightful food with.

a. Oven Type

There are two types of oven you can opt for- either a gas oven or an electric oven.

Within those two categories, different styles of gas and electronic oven also exist.

For example, you can get a gas oven with or without convection heating. With electric ovens, this convection choice is also there, but there is also the chance to choose the style of heating element. Halogen electric ovens are quite popular.

Pros and cons exist for both gas and electric ovens.

Gas options use more energy than the electric ones. However, electricity tends to be more expensive than gas and could ultimately end up costing you more in bills especially if they have a third heating element.

b. Oven Layout

Two combinations of layout are available, usually consisting of a smaller oven and a larger oven.

You can opt for an upper and lower oven combo or a side-by-side layout.

Upper and lower ovens combos benefit those who prefer their ovens to have greater width. Side-by-side ovens provide greater height.

Side-by-side ovens have the additional benefit of requiring you to spend less time bending over or checking your cooking either crouching or on your knees.

c. Oven Size

Be sure to check the total oven space, focusing on height, width, and depth, to make sure the ovens suit the foods you like to cook and your cooking style.

If you like to slow one-pot cook dishes in a deep pan, then you’ll be interested in ovens that have a lot of height.

Should you be someone who wants to cook gigantic pizzas regularly, you will want more width and depth.

Large roasts, for example, a turkey or leg of lamb, need a lot of cubic space. Be sure you get a capacity that can handle what you intend to cook, with easy to use oven settings from the control panel.

d. Cooking Features

Extra features can make you pick one oven over another.

Self-cleaning ovens make life much more comfortable. You may also be interested in ovens that feature pre-heating signals, timers, auto-shutoffs, and a hidden bake element.

A storage drawer is also very useful.

e. Cooktop

You won’t just cook using an oven. Remember to consider how many hobs you require. Do you want these to be gas or electric?

Stoves with a griddle are also an exciting option should you want one.

Final Word

Whether looking for the best gas range double oven, or an electronic double oven, there are plenty of beautiful options for you to choose from.

Every oven on this list offers you something unique. Whether it is the heating source, additional features, or a great cooktop in addition to the oven, you’re sure to find an appliance that suits your cooking style.

All the ovens we’ve seen are spacious and offer you a professional cooking experience.

We’re sure you’re going to get great satisfaction with one of them in your kitchen.