You’ve got a bit of space in the kitchen where a gas range oven should be. The question is thus – do you go for the freestanding gas ranges or a slide in gas range option?

Freestanding gas range ovens have a very bulky back guard and often have their controls in an awkward position. The result of this is a gas range oven that doesn’t sit well within the aesthetic of your kitchen.

Additionally, with awkwardly placed controls, you may need an extra investment in antiseptic cream and bandages. Burns are a much more likely occurrence.

The best slide in gas ranges are entirely different. These are slide in ranges that compliment the beauty of your kitchen. They fit seamlessly in the space between cabinets, so they don’t look at all out of place.

You’ll also experience the benefit of controls on the front. These controls are quick and easy to access. The slide in ranges’ ease of clean up has made them popular kitchen installations.

List Of Slide In Gas Range

  1. Empava EMPV-36GR01
  2. Cosmo COS-965AGFC
  3. Empava EMPV-36GSR01
  4. GE Profile PGS930YPFS
  5. Frigidaire Gallery Series FGGS3065PF
  6. Cosmo GRP304

Comparison Table Of Top 6 Slide In Gas Range

Empava EMPV-36GR01
  • Product Dimensions (WxDxH): 35.4×25.3×35.82 inches
  • Oven Interior Dimensions (WxDxH): 27x17x14 inches
  • Oven Capacity: 3.9 cubic feet
  • Cooktop: 5 sealed burners
Cosmo COS-965AGFC
  • Product Dimensions (WxDxH): 23.6×35.5×35 inches
  • Oven Width: 36 inches
  • Oven Capacity: 3.8 cubic Feet
  • Cooktop: 5 sealed burners
Empava EMPV-36GSR01
  • Product Dimensions (WxDxH): 35.4×25.3×35.82 inches
  • Oven Interior Dimensions (WxDxH): 27x17x14 inches
  • Oven Capacity: 3.9 cubic feet
  • Cooktop: 5 sealed burners
GE Profile PGS930YPFS
  • Oven Capacity: 5.6 cubic feet
  • Cooktop: 4 sealed burners and 1 griddle
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Oven Type: Gas convection
Frigidaire Gallery Series FGGS3065PF
  • Product Dimensions: 29x30x37 inches
  • Oven Capacity: 4.5 cubic feet
  • Cooktop: 4 sealed burners
  • Material: Cast Iron/Stainless Steel
Cosmo GRP304
  • Product Dimensions: 29.8×29.8×38.4 inches
  • Oven Capacity: 3.9 cubic feet
  • Material: 304-grade stainless steel
  • Cooktop: 4 sealed burners

Top 6 Best Slide in Gas Range

1. Empava EMPV-36GR01

Empava produce some of the best gas ranges that look like they were built to last an eternity. This gas range oven will slide beautifully into your kitchen and complete the aesthetic.

Great Looking

With a brushed stainless steel finish, ergonomic knobs, and a triple-layered tempered glass door, you won’t worry about showing this slide in range to anyone who comes to visit.


This gas range boasts a massive 3.9 cubic feet single oven cavity, with interior dimensions of 27x17x14 inches (WxDxH). With two removable oven racks and four possible rack positions, you have oven space to cook for the whole family, and plenty of room with five burners on the cooktop.

For such a large oven to cook to the standards you want, a convection system is required. This spacious convection oven ensures air circulates all around the food, ensuring a consistent temperature throughout a cook. Use a temperature probe where possible to guarantee accurate cooking.

Timed To Perfection

A built-in timer is a lovely addition, automatically turning the oven off once done. Burnt or overcooked food immediately becomes less likely.

Highlighted Features

• Premium brushed stainless steel for added corrosion resistance and durability.

• Five burners with heavy-duty continuous cast iron grates

• Large oven with 150°F to 475°F temperature range

• Digital display timer lets you cook with accuracy up to 12 hours and 59 minutes

• Halogen oven lights let you see food as it cooks

2. Cosmo COS-965AGFC

One feature everyone needs to look for in the best gas ranges is the energy-saving capacity. While gas may be cheaper than electricity, it doesn’t mean we need to waste it, nor spend money that we don’t have to.

Fan Assistance

This COSMO gas range oven circulates heat around its 36-inch, 3.8 cubic foot capacity with the assistance of fans. When using a fan assisted oven, you’ll have to make sure to adjust your temperatures and cooking times if following a recipe. A temperature probe will help. These oven types will cook your food faster while using a lower temperature. That also means you are using less gas and saving money.

Multiple Rack Options

Two racks, and three potential rack positions, give you options when cooking with this slide in gas range. Don’t forget, the rack position has an impact on how quickly foods cook in gas ranges, as well as how you brown the top of the base of food items.

Overall, this new gas range would make a great addition to your kitchen.

Highlighted Features

• Durable stainless-steel appliance fits nicely in a kitchen with a modern aesthetic

• 403-grade stainless steel offers protection again corrosive acids and salts

• Fan assistance circulates air around the oven, meaning lower cooking temperatures needed

• 3.8 cubic feet capacity enough space for large family meals

• Cooktop with five sealed gas burners and continuous cast-iron grates for heat retention

3. Empava EMPV-36GSR01

Empava produces world-class gas ranges that professional chefs would be more than happy to have in their restaurant kitchens.

A Family Cooktop

This 36-inch kitchen appliance with five gas burners offers you the oven and cooktop space to cook huge meals for the family or guests at a dinner party.

Convection Bake

The oven boasts a convection cooking system that ensures your food is cooked evenly all the way through. Convection cooking helps retain your food’s moisture while giving the exterior of meats and baked pastry a beautiful caramelized look.

You’ll be producing food that looks like the sort professional food photographers display on high-class review sites.

Perfect Temperature Control

The temperature range of the oven is between 150°F to 475°F, which will give you the chance to slow cook for hours or give something a short burst of searing heat. You’ll find the precise temperature control makes this easy as with all the best gas ranges.

Two oven racks can be placed in four different positions, allowing you to cook with extra flair.

Highlighted Features

• 430 grade brushed stainless steel offers a tremendous non-corrosive surface

• Preheats with incredible speed thanks to triple-layered tempered glass and low emissivity coating

• 12-hour 59-minute timer to help you be precise with your long cooks

• Five burners on the cooktop

• Safety features include shut-off to protect your family from gas leaks

4. GE Profile PGS930YPFS

This kitchen appliance is beautiful both in look and the technological thought that has gone into its creation. GE has undoubtedly created a masterpiece to match up to the best gas ranges.

Quicker Cooking

First up, this is a convection oven and comes with all the cooking benefits associated, such as quicker cook times and lower required temperatures.

Gigantic Capacity

Where this 5.6 cubic foot single oven comes into its own are the extra features.

You can control this oven via an app on your phone, as it comes with smart technology. This is convenient as it means you don’t even need to be in the kitchen to change the temperature.

Hassle Free Cleaning

Additionally, cleaning, which is always laborious, is kept to a minimum. Some ovens are self-cleaning, which means they use intense heat to burn away the dirt. This oven features a self clean cycle and steam-clean options. Steam cleaning is eco-friendly and is excellent for lighter cleans.

Highlighted Features

• Convection oven with 5 stovetop burners on cooktop offers a variety of cooking options

• Huge 5.6 cubic feet oven capacity lets you cook huge roasts or multiple dishes at once

• Control your oven from your smartphone with in-built wireless technology

• Steam clean and self-clean modes do the usually tiring after-cook work

• Additional storage options let you keep your cookware neat and tidy and counter space free

5. Frigidaire Gallery Series FGGS3065PF | Best 30 Inch Slide In Gas Range

If you want the best gas ranges with everything needed for you to produce outstanding, hearty family meals, then this Frigidaire gas range could be for you.

Four Rack Positions

With 4.5 cubic feet capacity, this is definitely a gas range that can take large items for roasting. You can also make use of the 30″ appliance size for a large pizza, cakes, and bakes. The inclusion of two racks and four rack positions also lets you cook multiple oven-cooked dishes at a time.

Set Your Cooking Times

It is easy to get distracted when cooking, especially when you have guests. Overcooked food in that situation is a disaster. This oven lets you set a timer and will automatically shut off at the commanded time. Undercooked food can be rescued; overcooked food can’t.

Self Cleaning

Self-cleaning gas ranges mean you have more time for other kitchen tasks. This feature is another excellent addition that Frigidaire has given you.

There really isn’t much more you can ask for.

Highlighted Features

• A large oven capacity of 4.5 cubic feet offers the chance to cook multiple items

• Convection settings for quick preheating, even heat distribution and energy-efficient cooking

• The auto-shutoff feature means you won’t overcook or burn food if distracted

• A self-cleaning oven will burn away usually hard to shift food droppings

• The cooktop includes four sealed burners

6. Cosmo GRP304

Cosmo has designed a gas range that can go in any kitchen. With a removable backlash, you can slot it into your kitchen as a slide in range. When you feel like getting a kitchen refit, you can turn this back to a freestanding one if that better suits the new kitchen.

Convection Cooking At Its Best

While not the largest oven we’ve looked at, this convection heated, 3.9 cubic feet capacity oven has enough space for two racks and a lot of food inside it.

Convection heating makes this oven energy-efficient, cutting down on your gas bill compared to a non-convection oven. Whatever you place in this 27.25×18.5×12 inch oven, and wherever you place it, you can be assured the heat is being distributed evenly across all food items.

Industrial Quality

Made from industrial grade stainless steel, this is one of the best gas ranges that will last a long, long time if you treat it right.

Highlighted Features

• Made from 304-grade stainless steel for a durable, corrosion-free kitchen appliance

• Dual assisted fan for energy-efficient rapid convection cooking

• 3.9 cubic feet of capacity lets you prepare large meals

• Removable backlash mean appliance can be installed freestanding or slide in

• Cooktop comprises four sealed burners

Slide in Gas Range Buying Guide

If you’re looking for the best slide in gas ranges to slot into your kitchen, then you’re in luck. We’ve found several excellent options for you. Now, take a look at this buying guide to see which features you should be paying attention to.

a. Product Dimensions

Product dimensions are vital to consider, especially if you want your slide in gas range oven/stove to fit perfectly.

Ensure you have measured the space in your kitchen so that you aren’t getting a gas range oven that will be too big to fit or too small to be snug.

Double-check the measurements before you hit the purchase button, just to be on the safe side.

b. Gas Range Oven Capacity

Don’t make the mistake of thinking the product dimensions are equal to the oven capacity of your gas range oven. Some people do and are then disappointed when the oven space seems less.

Your oven cavity width will be less than the overall width of the appliance. Check the height and depth dimensions and the overall capacity of the gas range oven. This will tell you how much space you have to cook in.

If you have a large family, want space to cook multiple items, or want to cook a Thanksgiving turkey the size of a house, go for a gas range oven capacity of no less than 4 cubic feet. A double oven gas range might also be of use to you.

For smaller families, the best gas range needs 3 cubic feet.

c. Convection Technology

A convection oven ensures airflow in your gas range using fans. This, in turn, results in better cooking, as the heat is distributed evenly around the food.

This convection oven technology helps food retain moisture and aids in getting that beautiful browned look. It will be a consistent shade around the entire food item.

Additionally, you will find your food cooks faster and uses less energy to do so. Energy efficiency leads to less money on your gas bill. Use a temperature probe to get best results.

d. Cleaning Features

Don’t waste time scrubbing clean your gas range oven, getting high on chemicals you know are destroying your lungs.

Instead, get a self-cleaning gas range. A self cleaning oven will either use intense heat or steam to do the cleaning job for you.

It will do it wonderfully well.

e. Smart Technology

Smart technology lets you control gas ranges from your phone. Is it absolutely necessary? No. But it is totally awesome, so if you can find a smart oven consider purchasing it.

The idea that we can stay in our chairs watching a movie while something cooks is highly appealing.

Final Word

The best gas range slide in oven will complete your kitchen.

Why ruin the aesthetic with freestanding ranges when you can get slide in gas ranges that are literally made to fit your needs?

All the gas ranges we’ve looked at are spacious and cook wonderfully well.

Whatever recipe you are making, a gas range can only enhance your already considerable cooking skills.

Every single one of the gas ranges on our list has a unique feature that makes it stand out. We don’t envy you having to make a final decision. It’s going to be a close call which one you decide on, but whatever you opt for will serve you exceptionally well.