Are you tired of finding hard food on your dishes after a session of cleaning in the dishwasher. Do I need a hard disposal in my dishwasher? Who fancies scraping food off of their plates before piling them on a dishwasher? And what about cleaning the hard food junk from the dishwasher filter every few weeks? No one has time for that!

The answer to all of your prayers about the after-dinner problem is a hard food dispenser. The convenience of a hard food dispenser is unmatched.

Do you really need a hard food disposer in your dishwasher?

Of course, you do! If you don’t like to waste your time scraping food off the dishes and unclogging your pipes, then it’s a no-brainer. Owning disposal dishwasher fitted with a hard food disposer will make cleaning much less toilsome.

Why do you need a hard food disposer?

Do I need a hard disposal in my dishwasher
Do I need a hard disposal in my dishwasher

When you slide your dishes into the washer after dinner, some hard food is inevitably left on the dishes. Some of these are drained along with the dirty water, clogging your pipes, while the few grains of hard food that are left behind have nowhere to go and end up sticking to your washed and dried dishes.

As the name suggests, a hard food disposer dishwasher easily and conveniently disposes of hard food waste, so your dishes come out clean after every wash. It’s a game-changer!

How Does a Dishwasher Food Disposer Work?

A hard food disposer is fitted with a chopper, which disintegrates hard food. These chopped-up, tiny food particles easily get drained through the pipes with dirty water, leaving you with clean dishes.

Since the chopper breaks down the food into tiny particles, your pipes never get clogged as a result. You wouldn’t even need to scrape your dishes before sliding them into the washer. Life with a dishwasher food disposer is just so much better than without it!

Why should you choose a hard food disposer over a filter?

An alternate technology in demand for treating hard food in dishwashers is a filtration system. Customers often find themselves in a dilemma whilst choosing between a disposable dishwasher that is fitted with a filter and one with a hard food disposer.

Hard food disposers disintegrate food into tiny particles and dispose of them with murky water. This method prevents pipe clogging and does not require the user to manually clean up the food particles after every few weeks of use. Scraping the dishes before washing isn’t necessary for this type of washer. However, this is a loud process, and washing your dishes in a dishwasher fitted with a hard food disposer can be quite noisy.

Filters, on the other hand, are a quieter alternative. This filtration system works by collecting the food particles in a basin at the bottom of the tub. This process of trapping food is a much quieter process but requires the user to manually clean the trapped food in a basin. You would also need to scrape the dishes before sliding them into the dishwasher.

Which of the two you choose to buy comes down to your personal preference and what you prioritize more. If you are someone that doesn’t mind a noisy wash, and would rather buy something that is much more convenient and requires less effort, then a hard food disposer is best for you.

Comparison Chart:

Hard Food DisposerFiltration System
Uses a chopperUses a filter and a basin
Disintegrates hard food into smaller bitsCollects and traps hard food on a basin at the bottom
Generally noisy (there are more expensive quieter models available)Does not make noise. Quiet.
Does not require manual cleaningRequires manual cleaning of the filters every month

The need for a hard food disposer in your dishwasher

A few years prior, dishwashers came without a food-disposing system. This meant that the dishes were required to be cleaned by hand before being put in the dishwasher. Well, this beats the purpose of having a dishwasher in the first place, doesn’t it? Why spend money on buying a machine that supposedly washes dishes, and yet have to do half of its task by hand?

Fortunately, the big manufacturers quickly recognized this problem and came up with this revolutionary technology that does not require extra maintenance. With a hard food dispenser fitted to your dishwasher, you would be able to save a lot of time that you previously spent cleaning and scraping your dinnerware.

Not having a food disposer in dishwasher also means you will have clogged pipes quite often. No one likes to see dirty water collecting in their kitchen sinks!

All in all, hard food disposers are built with customer convenience in mind, and they sure do bring great convenience to the kitchen.