Miele is a company that has been around since 1899, and to survive that long, with all the advances in technology that have happened throughout the 20th century, they have to have been doing a lot right. Today, we’re looking for the best detergent for Miele dishwasher so that Miele owners can get an optimum clean and ensure the longevity of the dishwasher.

If you have a Miele dishwasher, you are already aware of their high quality and the extra functions/options owning a Miele dishwasher gives you. But are you using the right detergent to make the most of having such a fantastic machine?

So, have a look at what we’ve found and see if you need to switch things up.

List Of Miele Dishwasher Detergent

Miele Ultra Tabs All-in-1

Miele Ultra Tabs Multi

Care mieleCollection Dishwasher Reactivation Salt

Comparison Chart of top 3 Detergents for Miele Dishwasher

our Top Pick
Miele Ultra Tabs All-in-1
  • Form: Tablets
  • Number of Tablets: 20 per box
  • Number of Boxes: 3
  • Wrapping: Dissolves in cycle
Miele Ultra Tabs Multi
  • Form: Tablets
  • Number of Tablets: 120
  • Wrapper: Dissolves in cycle
  • Phosphate-Free
Miele Care Collection Dishwasher Reactivation Salt
  • Number of boxes: 6
  • Weight per box: 750 grams
  • Each packet exact quantity for Miele dishwashers
  • Can be used with other brands

3 Best Detergents for Miele Dishwashers Reviews

1. Miele Ultra Tabs All-in-1 | Miele Dishwasher Tabs

Even if you don’t own a Miele dishwasher, you might benefit from using Miele Ultra Tabs

These tablets are so powerful and so effective. cleaning that some people have recommended cutting them in half to save yourself a bit of money. Just half a tablet can produce an outstanding wash.

It actually states that you should use two tablets for the worst dried on foods that look like they will never be removed. We’re not sure if that’s actually necessary given the end results of just one tablet. But once you have a box of these at home, you can experiment all you want.

With this deal, you’ll be getting three boxes of tablets, which gives you 60 tablets in total. Yes the price per tablet is a lot more than you’d pay for other brands. but trust us when we say, if you use a Miele dishwasher, these tablets are 100% the best detergent for you.

Considering you already own a Miele dishwasher. It hands down with Bosch among the best dishwashers available, it makes no sense to use inferior products.

Highlighted Features

  • Powerful cleaning formula gets through even the toughest work
  • Designed by Miele for Miele dishwashers but can be used with any brands that allow tablets
  • Keeps your Miele dishwasher fresh

2. Miele Ultra Tabs Multi | Miele Dishwasher Cleaner

These dishwashers tend to come with a higher price than the competition, but that’s because Miele knows the quality of the dishwasher speaks for itself. Most people who use Miele never want to own another brand, and the same applies to the detergent – Miele owners, though they may experiment with other brands – always come back to the Miele Ultra Tabs.

Even the most heavily soiled and stained cutlery, plates, pots, pans, glasses, and mugs will shine as if brand new when put through a Miele dishwasher that has been paired with Miele Ultra Tabs.

With this Miele Ultra Tabs deal, you’ll be getting 120 tablets – that should be enough to last 3 to 4 months. These tablets come at a high price, so buying them in bulk should be a consideration just to bring down your cost per wash.

The tablets are phosphate-free, and that is a very important consideration. Tablets that contain phosphates will cause damage to your septic system if that’s where the dishwasher water is going because phosphate kills the good bacteria and enzymes that break down waste.

Highlighted Features

  • Each tablet comes with a water-soluble wrapping
  • Works brilliantly even in hard water areas
  • Phosphate-free tablet – better for the environment

3. Miele Care Collection Dishwasher Reactivation Salt | Miele Dishwasher Salt

We know this isn’t a detergent, but we can’t ignore a product that is vital for the dishwasher. Without dishwasher salt, whatever detergent you get won’t be able to work properly. You’d soon notice streaks on the plates and horrible white marks on the glassware.

Dishwasher salt is a necessity for many reasons, not least because it helps soften the water, which in turn prevents detergent from clogging up within the dishwasher itself.

The dishwasher salt will also help prevent the build-up of limescale within the dishwasher, hopefully meaning your dishwasher will function for a very long time.

As with detergent, buying Miele’s own brand of salt will have a positive impact on your Miele dishwasher. You’ll be getting six packets of salt, each of 750 grams. This amount per packet is exactly what is needed to fill a Miele dishwasher, so you don’t need to worry about measuring anything out.

Of course, if you have more than one dishwasher and the other one isn’t Miele, this salt can be used universally across all brands.

Highlighted Features

  • Each packet contains the perfect amount of salt for a Miele dishwashers
  • Helps keep your dishwasher well maintained and limescale free
  • Helps prevent marks and streaking on your washed items


What dishwasher detergent does Miele recommend?

Not all dishwasher brands make their own detergent, but Miele does. Their detergents use a formula that works in perfect harmony with their dishwashers.

Therefore we, and Miele, recommend that you use their own brand detergents if you want to get the best wash possible.

Do Miele dishwashers need special detergent?

Miele dishwashers don’t require you to use any specific detergent. You can use products from other brands if you wish, but the performance of the dishwasher may not be as good as with Miele’s own brand products.

Miele Ultra Tabs Multi is by far the best tablets you can use for your Miele dishwasher.

Is Miele a better dishwasher than Bosch?

Yes Both Miele and Bosch are the frontrunners in the dishwasher market.

We can look at this from three main perspectives – noise levels, performance, and features.

Bosch and Miele deliver equally in producing high-performing, quiet dishwashers.

Where the companies differ is with the number of features they provide, with Bosch preferring simpler dishwashers and Miele offering many extras. These extras are reflected in a higher price.

Therefore, if you prefer a feature-heavy dishwasher, Miele could be the best option for you.

Bottom Line

So there you have it, the best detergent for Miele dishwasher just so happens to be the Miele Ultra Tab.

Don’t forget; you will also need Miele salt. The combination of Miele dishwasher, Miele detergent, and Miele salt creates the perfect wash for your dishes.

Even if the cost of Miele products seems high. It is money really well spent. So don’t hold back the cash and buy inferior products when Miele does everything you want and so much more.