If you are lucky enough to have space for a fully functioning outdoor kitchen, you need one of the best gas grill inserts.

These inserts come at a high cost. Therefore, it’s important that you are getting value for money.

Whether you want a large grill, a small grill, a grill packed with features, or a grill with no frills, we have a few options to suit everyone’s taste.

So, have a read on, and see which grills are cooking up a treat in people’s back gardens.

List Of Gas Grill Inserts in [2023]

  1. Bull Outdoor Products 26039 Natural Gas Outlaw Drop-In Grill Head
  2. Bull Outdoor Products BBQ 57568 Brahma 90,000 BTU Grill Head
  3. Napoleon BIPRO500RBPSS-3 (Propane) & Napoleon BIPRO500RBNSS-3 (Natural Gas)
  4. Lion Premium Grills L75623 32” Natural Gas Grill
  5. Blaze Grills BLZ-3-LP

Comparison Chart for Best Gas Grill Inserts

our Top Pick
Bull Outdoor Products 26039 Natural Gas Outlaw Drop-In Grill Head
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 25x30x22 inches
  • Cooking Area (Square Inches): 810 (Primary) 210 (Warming)
  • Burners: 4
  • BTU: 60.0000
Bull Outdoor Products BBQ 57568 Brahma 90,000 BTU Grill Head
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions (WXDxH): 38.5x21x9.5 inches
  • Cooking Area (Square Inches): 1026 (Primary) 266 Warming
  • Burners: 5 main + 1 back burner
  • BTU: 75,000 (main), 15,000 (back)
Napoleon BIPRO500RBPSS-3 (Propane)
Napoleon BIPRO500RBNSS-3 (Natural Gas)
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 25×32.5×24 inces
  • Cooking Area (Square Inches): 500 primary
  • Burners: 4 main + 1 infra red back burner
  • BTU: 48,000 (main), 18,000 (back)
Lion Premium Grills L75623 32” Natural Gas Grill
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 24.25x32x21.5 inches
  • Cooking Area (Square Inches): 830
  • Burners: 4
  • BTU: 75,000 (total)
Blaze Grills BLZ-3-LP
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 26.75x50x51.25 inches
  • Cooking Area (Square Inches): 558 (total)
  • Burners: 3
  • BTU: 42,000

5 Best Gas Grill Inserts Reviews

1. Bull Outdoor Products 26039 Natural Gas Outlaw Drop-In Grill Head

A 4-burner drop-in grill with over 800 square inches of primary cooking space and cooking power of 60,000 BTU means a lot of food can be cooked at once on this grill.

This is nowhere near being the most expensive grill on the list, and that is because it comes with no real frills. It is designed to heat quickly and grill food to perfection. If you are looking for extras like rotisserie options, there are other grills on this list for you.

Starting up the grill is easy with the Piezo igniters. They appear to be well crafted, so we don’t anticipate any issues with them in the long term.

Don’t be put off by Bull naming their heat distribution technology ‘ReliaBull’. It may be the worst branding of all time, but the way this grill retains heat is really effective.

The only thing that bugs us about this grill is why the warranty offered by Bull is so different on this, the Outlaw model, than their other models. The burners are guaranteed for just two years, while models such as the Bull Steer, Lonestar Select, and Renegade get five years. Furthermore, the Angus, Brahma, and Diablo get a lifetime burner warranty. Spending over $1000 on a grill with such a limited warranty is something to be wary of.


  • Temperatures of 550F in under a minute
  • Reduced number of flare-ups
  • Well-engineered, robust, and durable
  • Maintains temperatures very well


  • Poor packaging can lead to damage in transit
  • Difficult assembly

2. Bull Outdoor Products BBQ 57568 Brahma 90,000 BTU Grill Head

Setting you back upwards of $2500, the first question has to be, does the Brahma Grill offer value for money?

We are inclined to say yes.

With a lifetime warranty on burners, grates, and fireboxes given by the manufacturer, you should never need to buy another grill after this one (assuming you do nothing to invalidate the warranty).

Bull and the ‘ReliaBull’ technologyis so good that you won’t be able to blame the grill if the cooking goes wrong. Bad cooking can only come down to human error.

1026 sq. inches of cooking area is so vast you could reasonably expect to fit 50 burgers on this grill – you’d need more than one set of hands just to flip that many.

The main benefit of having such space is the option to create multiple cooking zones. These zones allow you to cook different food items at different paces and different temperatures.

For the extra cost of the Brahma, you also get more power (90.000 BTU) and an infrared burner that allows you to cook incredible, crispy skin whole chicken.


  • Massive 1026 sq. inch cooking area
  • ReliaBULL flame tamers aid an even cook
  • 15,000 BTU back burner for perfect rotisserie
  • Lifetime warranty on burners, grates, and firebox


  • Poor packaging can lead to damage in transit
  • Most expensive grill on the list

3. Napoleon BIPRO500RBPSS-3 (Propane & Natural Gas)

With the Napoleon drop-in grill, you can choose between a natural gas option or a propane tank option. There is a small price difference between the two (at the time of writing, no more than $50). The natural gas option comes as the slightly more expensive of the two.

However, with natural gas costing less than propane refills in most areas of the USA, you’ll make that money back in savings over the long term.

The stainless steel used to make this grill is 9.5mm thick and appears to be quite robust. 304 stainless steel is probably the best type of stainless steel to make a grill with. It has low reactivity and, therefore lesser chance of rusting.

You will get four main burners, each with 12,000 BTU. These allow the grill to get up to temperature quickly, and the grill retains enough heat to cook food in good time.

If you are looking for a smaller grill than either of the Bull options we already looked at, with 500 square inches of cooking space, this is a wonderful alternative.


  • Powerful infrared burner for rotisserie cooking
  • Sear plates protect burners and prevent flare-ups
  • Reliable ignition system


  • Handles can get hot to touch
  • Napoleon customer support can be frustratin

4. Lion Premium Grills L75623 32” Natural Gas Grill

This is another grill that comes with a lack of frills, but with over 800 square inches of cooking area and four burners offering 75,000 BTU power, it is a grill that is fairly priced and does an excellent job when cooking.

When grilling, we want to know that:

  1. The grill will get to the temperature we want quickly
  2. The grill will retain heat and distribute heat for even cooking
  3. The grill will sear all types of meat effectively, whether thick or thin

The Lion Premium Grill meets all of these basic requirements. Whatever you are cooking, whether meat, poultry, seafood, or vegetables, you are guaranteed that this grill will respond as you want it to, so you get the finished cooked food coming out as you desire.

A word of warning, this is a natural gas grill, so you will need a line running to wherever you intend to place it. Don’t forget; you should always let a professional hook up a natural gas line.

Once hooked up, you can get cooking, and you aren’t going to be disappointed by the quality of food you end up with.


  • Build quality exceeds grills at a higher price
  • Faster cook times than other grills
  • Holds temperature incredibly well
  • Very easy to clean


  • Says ’32 inch’ grill, grill space closer to 30 inches
  • The thermometer can be unreliable.

5. Blaze Grills BLZ-3-LP

Not everyone needs a huge grill, so we are throwing in this option from Blaze Grills.

You won’t need any natural gas line, as this freestanding stainless steel grill will slot into your outdoor kitchen and run on liquid propane bottles.

417 square inches of primary cooking space is enough for 20 burgers, so while this is on the smaller side, you won’t find people going hungry due to a low amount of food output.

For searing thick steaks, this grill is actually surprisingly good. It’s a small grill with big power. Each burner offers 14,000 BTU, which is the best we’ve seen for main burners from the grills reviewed.

Some people have experienced issues with heat distribution when using this grill. However, when we tried it, we found it heated well and had no such issues.

Overall, this is a well-made grill, which we would expect to last a long time so long as you treat it well.

The main concern we have with this grill comes with the price, which seems on the high side when you compare it with other much more feature-heavy grills, and those with greater brand recognition.

However, if you want to take a punt on this grill, we see no reason why it should let you down.


  • The perfect grill for a small family or small gathering
  • Allows you to create separate cooking zones
  • Flare-ups reduced by flame stabilizing grids
  • Two forms of ignition available


  • Limited features
  • Expensive considering size


Why are Drop-In Grills So Expensive?

The main factor contributing to the expense of drop-in grills is the overall quality of the material being used.

Compared to ordinary grills, the material used is of much higher quality and therefore offers superior longevity. Therefore, while the upfront payment is higher, the cost per year of usage can be much more cost-effective.

Another factor influencing the cost is where most of these grills are made. If they are made in North America or Western Europe, the labor costs will be higher, and that is reflected in the price of the grill.

Who Makes The Best Built-In Gas Grills?

Weber is a brand known worldwide for making the very best gas grills.

If you are looking for the best built-in gas grill, look no further than the Weber Summit S-660.

However, that will come at a very high cost, as all Weber grills do.

Therefore, if you want a less expensive yet amazing grill, both Blaze and Napoleon grills give Weber a run for their money.   

Can I Hook Up My Own Natural Gas Grill?

Gas is very dangerous to work with. You may think you have done a good job, but even the slightest mistake could lead to catastrophe.

Always get a professional to hook up a natural gas grill.

What Happens If You Leave The Gas On The Grill?

On a propane grill, if the tank valve is left on, but the burners are closed, there shouldn’t be a problem.

However, with a burner open, you will lose your fuel.

With a burner open, the worst-case scenario is that the grill fills with gas unknowingly and ends up ignited with someone next to the grill. This can be dangerous.

Gas Grill Inserts Buying Guide

Gas grill inserts come from very basic to those with a load of extras. Here we discuss the important features to consider before you buy anything for your outdoor kitchen.


Consider not just how much cook space you want but whether you want any other fixtures to be installed in the area around the grill. That could include a worktop for food preparation or a sink for cleaning things.

Number of Burners

Just with a normal grill, the number of burners you have will determine the number of cooking zones you can use.

The number of burners will go hand in hand with size, but look out for grills that maximize their space, getting more burners in over smaller cook areas.

Natural Gas or Propane

As most gas grill inserts will be staying in a fixed location outdoors, you can easily get a professional to hook the insert up to the natural gas line. This way, you know you always have a fuel supply that isn’t going to run out mid-cook. In most areas, natural gas will cost less than propane as well.


You can end up with a high BTU grill in your outdoor kitchen. For example, the 90,000 BTU offered by the Bull Outdoor Brahma Grill is so much more than the largest stand-alone grills. Consider whether you need that much power from your grill – it comes at an extra cost.


With grill inserts, we aren’t talking hundreds of dollars like the grills you roll out into your garden. These are grills that cost four figures, and the more features, power, and size you want, the costlier it will become.

Don’t spend more than you need to unless you are sure you’re going to make good use of the features that come with the extra price.


Of all the outdoor grill inserts we have looked at, the best bbq insert for an outdoor kitchen has to be theLion Premium Grills L75623 32” Natural Gas Grill.

This gas grill insert has a combination of cooking space and burner power that ensures you will be able to cook multiple items in the style you want at the same time.

It also comes with a reasonable price tag, and of all the barbecue inserts we’ve found appears the most robust, meaning you get extended longevity.

However, if you are looking for a propane gas insert rather than one hooked up to natural gas, we suggest the Napoleon Grill. It’s a reliable bbq insert for an outdoor kitchen.