Best No Flare Up Gas Grill 2022

Nobody wants a flare-up ruining their grilling experience. Today, we aim to help you avoid such issues by looking for the best no flare up gas grill.

The BBQ grills we will review are such that even a beginner to grilling can avoid flames rising up from the depths of the grill to blacken whatever food is being cooked.

We’ve got grills on a budget and the best grills from world-famous brands for you to look at. Each grill for sale has a unique selling point that might just make you sit up and take notice.

So, without further ado, let’s get to checking out some super grills, so you can get cooking.

List Of Best No Flare Up Gas Grill

  1. MASTER COOK 3 Burner BBQ Propane Gas Grill
  2. Cuisinart CGG-7400
  3. Weber Genesis II E-315
  4. Char-Broil Classic 360
  5. Weber Spirit E-330

Comparison Chart for Best No Flare Up Gas Grills

our Top Pick
MASTER COOK 3 Burner BBQ Propane Gas Grill
  • Dimensions (Inches – HxWxD): 46.46×20.87×41.14
  • Cooking Area (Square Inches): 340 (primary) 133 warming
  • Number of Burners: 3
  • BTU: 30,000 (total)
  • Fuel Type: Propane
Cuisinart CGG-7400
  • Dimensions (Inches – HxWxD): 54×22.5×46.5
  • Cooking Area (Square Inches): 443 (Primary) 167 (Warming)
  • Number of Burners: 4
  • BTU: 44,000 (Total)
  • Fuel Type: Liquid Propane
Weber Genesis II E-315
  • Dimensions (Inches – HxWxD): 62x59x31
  • Cooking Area (Square Inches): 513 (Primary) 156 (Warming)
  • Number of Burners: 3
  • BTU: 39,000 (Total)
  • Fuel Type: Propane
Char-Broil Classic 360
  • Dimensions (Inches – HxWxD): 24.1×51.2×43.5
  • Cooking Area (Square Inches): 360 (Primary) 170 (Warming)
  • Number of Burners: 3
  • BTU: 30,000
  • Fuel Type: Propane
Weber Spirit E-330
  • Dimensions (Inches – HxWxD): 32.28×25.59×24.17
  • Cooking Area (Square Inches): 424 (Primary) 105 (Warming)
  • Number of Burners: 3 (Grill) + 1 Side-burner
  • BTU: 32,000 (Grill), 12,000 (Side-burner)
  • Fuel Type: Propane

5 Best No Flare Up Gas Grills Reviews

1. MASTER COOK 3 Burner BBQ Propane Gas Grill

Ideal for those looking for something better than a charcoal grill, but at charcoal grill prices (at the top end, such as a Weber Charcoal Grill), this 3-burner propane gas grill is perfect for those looking to do the occasional outdoor cooking.

By our calculations, the primary cooking area of 340 square inches is enough space for 14 burgers, so this grill is suitable for a gathering with family and friends. It also comes with a remarkably large warming area of 133 square inches, so it is a grill with plenty of room. In fact, 133 square inches is much more space than usual for a 3-burner grill.

30,000 BTU across 340 square inches makes this grill powerful enough to cook large steaks and other heavy meat items. With the burners under a porcelain-coated flame guard, you shouldn’t experience burnt meat caused by flare-ups.

Temperatures can be monitored via the built-in thermometer that comes with the lid. You should never overcook nor undercook food due to a lack of accurate readings.

Moving the grill is easy, thanks to some heavy-duty casters. Should the wind pick up and you need to get to a better cooking location quickly, you won’t have any trouble.

Before cooking, remember to place something under the grill. There is nothing built under the grill to catch grease or anything that may fall from it.


  • Price is reasonable given extra features.
  • Porcelain-coated firebox and lid are durable.
  • Quick starting ignition system is reliable.
  • Metal side shelves are spacious for prep work and storage.


  • Side shelves are not the most sturdy.
  • The middle burner needs to be lit first before the other two light.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty is on the short side.

2. Cuisinart CGG-7400

Compared to the MASTER COOK grill we just looked at, the Cuisinart CGG-7400 is a beast.

Offering 443 square inches of primary cooking space, you have enough room to cook 21 burgers at a time. That primary cooking space is set over four burners offering 11,000 BTU each, and thus a whopping 44,000 BTU in total. That’s 99 BTU per square inch of cooking space, making this a high-power grill suitable for heavy meats.

The power of the grill and the porcelain-coated cast iron grate means anything you cook will get a wonderful charring across it, meaning your food will be overloaded with extra flavor. The food will both be satisfying to look at and to eat.

Flare-ups will not ruin your meat. The burners have been set so that the flames never touch the cooking area, and they also have flare shields to give added protection.

Two large side tables offer space to work and keep cooking utensils. You can even keep some trays handy for placing cooked food.

This grill comes with larger wheels than most similar models, making it very simple to move to whatever location you wish to cook from.

It is one of the very best gas grills you will find for under 500 dollars. In fact, it is available well below that price.


  • Porcelain-covered cast-iron grill for excellent heat retention/distribution.
  • Built-in thermometer for accurate cooking temperatures.
  • 360 grease tray means easy clean-ups.
  • Grill can be assembled quickly.


  • Gap between the lid and grill’s body can lead to heat loss.
  • Assembly is through pictorial instructions.

3. Weber Genesis II E-315

The first question to answer is whether it is worth spending the extra money on a Weber grill?

We believe it is, if you are going to use the grill regularly. If you want a grill for infrequent use, we suggest going back to the Mastercook 3 for infrequent cooking for small numbers. For slightly larger infrequent grill sessions, check out the Cuisinart CGG-7400 review above or the Char-Broil Classic 360 below.

So what are you getting for the extra cash you spend on the Weber Genesis II-315?

There’s the huge 513 square inch primary cooking area set across 3 burners, offering a combined 39.000 BTU output. That’s space for 25 burgers, so the largest space you will see, but it is actually less powerful than the Cuisinart CGG-7400.

Does the lesser heat output of this grill make a huge difference? No. But you may find the Cuisinart offers faster cooking times and is better with the heavier meats.

What you do get from Weber is high-quality materials and plenty of additional features. Flare-ups are incredibly rare because of the Weber Flavorizer Bars that prevent grease from getting to the burner. You also get ample storage space in the form of a cabinet and side shelves. Six tool hooks mean your utensils are always easy to find and readily available.

Weber Grills come with a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer. That is the main reason to part with your money. You shouldn’t need to buy another grill for a long, long time. Other brands simply don’t match the longevity of a Weber.


  • Porcelain-covered cast iron grate aids heat retention and dispersion.
  • Electric ignition makes starting the grill a hassle-free process.
  • Compatible with iGrill 3 technology.
  • Superior grease management system to other grills.


  • Larger vents can cause temperature issues in windy conditions.
  • Complicated assembly may require specialist help.

4. Char-Broil Classic 360

The Char-Broil Classic 360 is the polar opposite of the Weber Genesis II E-315. This three-burner grill has no frills about it and, much like the MASTER COOK 3, had been created for those with a tight budget who have no room for any excess. It could easily be the best budget grill.

Is it a grill that a pitmaster dreams of owning – no. But it is a grill that does the necessities and does them well.

360 square inches of cooking space is still significant, giving space for 17 burgers. That is more cooking space than the MASTER COOK 3 but less than the Cuisinart CGG-7400.

Shelves are available. We would use these more for keeping cooking utensils, plates, and our ingredients rather than a prep area. That’s especially true when already cooking. The grill does tend to shake a bit if cutting meat.

Starting the grill is simple, thanks to a reliable Piezo ignition that ignites instantly. Temperature adjustment post ignition lets you cook different food items at varying paces.

A reason to get this grill over the MASTERCOOK 3 is the porcelain-coated cast iron grate. This grate will lead to a better cooking experience.Additionally, Char-Broil grill parts are much easier to find.


  • High-quality considering the affordable price.
  • Porcelain-coated cast-iron grate for non-stick cooking.
  • Independently controlled burners allow multiple cooking zones.


  • Drip pan requires unscrewing to empty.
  • No drip pan on the right side of the grill.

5. Weber Spirit E-330

The Weber Spirit E-330 is the sister of the popular and highly recommended Weber Spirit E-310. The key difference between the two Weber grills is that this one, along with the three regular burners, also has an additional side burner.

A side-burner is a brilliant added tool that can be used for simmering sauces while the other elements of your meal are on the grill. You can also place a frying pan to get fried onions ready for burgers or do something as simple as heat some baked beans.

With three burners comes a significant amount of cooking power. Each burner delivers 10,667 BTU. You should have no issues cooking even thick meats. Furthermore, the side-burner packs even more power with 12,000 BTU.

A great addition that no other grill we looked at has is the sear station. This sear station delivers 7500BTU and is the perfect way to get grill marks on your food for gas grilling at its finest.

Overall, the cooking space comes in at 529 square inches. That is a primary cooking area of 424 square inches, with the rest made up by the warming space. You’ve enough space for 20 burgers.

Weber’s Flavoriser bars prevent flare-ups and actually add to the flavor of your food. When fat drips onto them, they create vapor that circulates the grill area. It’s yet another feature to make Weber grills the best griller.


  • Cast-iron grate aids even cooking by reducing cold spots.
  • Strong, durable materials for a long-lasting grill.
  • Comes with a 12,000 BTU side burner.
  • Reliable fuel tank indicator.


  • Can be complicated to assemble.
  • Side shelves are fixed and don’t fold down.


What Causes Grill Flare-Ups?

When fat or oil drips from the items being cooked and falls on a burner, this can cause a flare-up.

A flare-up is a sudden high-intensity flame that can be detrimental to the overall cooking, as it can cause unwanted burning.

How Do You Keep A Gas Grill From Flaring Up?

There are a few methods to do this. One of the easiest things to do is buy a grill with protectors on the burners to stop flare-ups from occurring.

Other methods include trimming excess fat from meats, grilling with an open lid, avoid grilling in high winds, ensuring the grill is not overloaded with food and keeping the grill clean.

Are Flare-Ups Bad When Grilling?

Intense flare-ups are bad if they ruin the food. They can cause the outside of food to charr very quickly, meaning you could end up with a burnt outside and undercooked inside. This effect can impact the texture and flavor of the food, which is why you need a no flare up gas grill.

How to Grill Chicken without Flare-Ups?

This is all about cooking technique.

Chicken has a lot of fat under the skin, and this can cause flare-ups. To avoid a flare-up, start grilling the chicken on low heat.

It is better to have a no flare-up grill where you can control the flame on each burner. This way, you can create two cooking zones. One side of the grill can be on low heat (or even off), and the other side can have high heat.

Once the chicken fat is rendered on the low heat, you can move the chicken to the higher heat portion of the grill.

Best No Flare Up Gas Grill Buying Guide

Grilling outdoors is a great way to prepare tasty meals, especially during the more pleasant months. After all your effort preparing the food to grill, the last thing you want is a flare-up to ruin the flavor of your food. This guide will look at the key features you need as part of the best no flare up gas grill.

Burner Protection

You need a grill that offers protection for the burners. This protection will prevent anything dripping directly on the burner, thus avoiding a flare-up.

The best burner protection is provided by Weber. Weber grills come with ‘flavorizer bars’ that not only protect from flare-ups but use the dripping fat to create extra flavor in the food.

Fat, when dripping on the ‘flavoriser bar’ will produce vapors that rise up into the food. Think of it as a light form of smoking.

The brands other than Weber on this list also offer some form of burner protection which is effective, without having that bonus flavor-enhancing trait.

Temperature Control

One way to prevent flare-ups, especially with fatty meats, is to render the fat on one side of the grill and do a full cook on the other side of the grill.

You can render the fat either using a low flame or using indirect heat. To use indirect heat, you would need a high flame on one side of the grill, and then the fat will render on the other side due to heat produced with the lid closed. However, this is only possible to do if you can control the flame of each burner.

Cooking Space

Even if you aren’t going to cook for many people, it may be a good idea to go for a grill with a larger cooking space.

A larger cooking space will mean you can spread the food out more, avoiding any food overload, which can result in flare-ups.

If not buying either of the Weber grills, which have ample primary cooking space, and great flare-up protection, the next best grill for space is the Cuisinart CGG-7400.


For cooking heavier meats such as large fatty steaks, you usually need a grill with a BTU per square inch of between 80-100.

Each grills BTU per square inch is as follows:

  • Cuisinart CGG-7400 – 99
  • MASTER COOK 3 Burner BBQ Propane Gas Grill – 88
  • Char-Broil Classic 360 – 83
  • Weber Genesis II E-315 – 76
  • Weber Spirit E-330 – 75

From this, we can see that the Cuisinart CGG-7400 offers the most power. However, these values can be slightly deceptive.

Despite having a lower BTU per square inch, the Weber grills are highly effective thanks to superior grate and lid quality. The lid design and cast iron material on the Weber will make it far better at retaining heat and getting an even cook than the MASTER COOK 3, which despite having a higher BTU per square inch, will lose heat in a way the Weber grills don’t.


Flare-ups will rarely occur if you own any of the grills on this list. In fact, you will have to do something quite spectacular on the verge of causing a grease fire if you are to experience any problems.

The Best No Flare Up Gas Grill offers burner protection and temperature control that allows you to choose how you deal with the fat problem.

Effective grease removal is also key to avoiding a flare-up. So make sure to check out the features relating to this area as well.

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