Presumably, you’re here right now because you own a crystal chandelier. There’s no other logical reason for you to be looking for the best chandelier cleaner.

So, one of two scenarios have occurred/are occurring. You’ve looked up at your chandelier and have realized that it’s been a while and that thing just doesn’t sparkle as it used to, or you’ve got a party coming up, and you just know people are going to judge you if they see even a speck of dust.

It takes hours to properly clean a chandelier if you’re taking it apart and cleaning it bit by bit. Who has the time for that? The cleaners we are looking at are a solution. Pun fully intended.

List of Top Chandelier Cleaner

  1. BRILLIANTÉ Crystal Chandelier Cleaner
  2. Satco Crystal Cleaner
  3. W.J. Hagerty Chandelier Cleaner
  4. Sparkle Plenty Chandelier Cleaner
  5. BRILLIANTÉ Crystal Chandelier Cleaner 1 Gallon Refill
  6. Telescoping Microfiber Duster

Comparison Chart of Top 5 Chandelier Cleaner

BRILLIANTÉ Crystal Chandelier CleanerItem Form: Spray
Item Weight:
32 Ounces
Additional Info:
Satco Crystal CleanerItem Form: Spray
Item Weight:
32 Ounces
Additional Info:
W.J. Hagerty Chandelier CleanerItem Form: Spray
Item Weight: 32 Ounces
Additional Info:
Adjustable trigger spray bottle
Sparkle Plenty Chandelier Cleaner

Item Form: Bottle
Item Weight:
1 Gallon

5 Best Chandelier Cleaner Reviews

1. BRILLIANTÉ Crystal Chandelier Cleaner

Brillianté Crystal Cleaner makes cleaning your crystal chandeliers so simple and easy you’ll be recommending it to everyone you know who has a chandelier.

With this cleaner, you won’t even need to get on the ladder, or chair, to wipe the chandelier clean. Just spray the chandelier with Brillianté Crystal Cleaner, having made sure you have something on the floor to protect it, and marvel at the drip-dry action of the spray.

This cleaner will dry and leave you with a streak-free, pristine-looking chandelier. No matter how intricate your crystal chandelier’s design, the spray will get into every hard to reach area and get you the clean chandelier you are after – crystals and framework. Best of all, this is a process that takes only a few minutes!

We all care about protecting not just the environment but ourselves and our kids from being exposed to toxic chemicals. Brillianté has ensured that its spray formula has no toxic chemicals in its make-up. Additionally, their spray is non-abrasive and ammonia-free.

Once the cleaning is done, you are rewarded with a refreshing lemon scent. Better still, you don’t have to limit your cleaning just to the chandelier. Enjoy clean items around your whole house, as this spray can be used to clean all crystal ornaments, porcelain pieces, and artificial plants if you have any.

Highlighted Features

1. Cleans in minutes
2. No need for wiping
3. Lemon scented

2. FOLLOWIN Crystal Chandelier Cleaner

What makes a great chandelier cleaner? Ease of use and the time-saving factor has to be right up there with the most essential features.

The FOLLOWIN Crystal Chandelier really works hard to ensure that the dirt, dust, and grime that afflicts your chandelier is quickly broken down into a state where you can just wipe it away with the minimum effort. In fact, the whole process of spraying to wiping clean takes a maximum of 5 minutes. Think about the amount of time you’re saving in the day by using this spray rather than trying to clean with some hot water, soap, and a cloth.

This rapid-action spray not only cleans your crystal chandelier but will protect it for some time afterward by forming a barrier that reduces the amount of dust able to settle on the crystals and chandelier frame. This means you won’t need to be regularly cleaning to keep your chandelier looking amazing.

You don’t have to worry about this cleaner, causing you harm. It doesn’t contain toxic chemicals and isn’t going to be abrasive to the chandelier surfaces. The only recommendation we have is to protect your floors because some spray will drip from the chandelier.

Overall, this is a beautiful cleaning spray that does the job of giving a perfect clean.

Note: This Product is not available now in the market. 

Highlighted Features

1. Cleans in 3 to 5 minutes
2. Biodegradable, ammonia-free formula
3. Lemon Scented

3. Satco Crystal Cleaner

Whether your chandelier is decades old or worth thousands of dollars, Satco is a brand you can trust to do the cleaning job without causing any damage to your precious decoration.

This chandelier cleaner can cut through years of dust and dirt that has caked onto your chandelier in a matter of minutes. You will see the grime fall off the chandelier before your very eyes. Make sure you have something on the floor to catch every drip that runs off.

We absolutely love the sprays that mean we need to put in minimal effort. Thankfully, this is another spray that doesn’t require you to do any wiping to get an immaculate look that sees your crystals sparkle like stars in the night sky.

Of course, there is the question of whether you will need to get up the ladder to use the spray. Getting up the ladder will depend on the height of your chandelier. The spray bottle isn’t powerful enough to get to all the parts of a chandelier that is relatively high up. However, lower hanging chandeliers shouldn’t require a ladder.

Finally, this is an alcohol-based cleaner, which means no harmful chemicals have been used in its creation. It won’t cause damage to your or your chandeliers. This is a 5-star product.

Highlighted Features

1. No wiping required
2. Cleans both crystal and acrylic
3. Environmentally friendly

4. W.J. Hagerty Chandelier Cleaner

When you first look at W.J. Hagerty Chandelier Cleaner, your first thought is that it looks a bit pricey. Yes, it does come more expensive than many other top-class chandelier cleaners, but that is because there are very few cleaners out there that can do the job with as much quality as this one.

Using a W.J. Hagerty cleaner is a guarantee of satisfaction because it doesn’t just clean your chandelier. No, this is a cleaner that ensures that each and every crystal shines as if it were a brand new, freshly hung chandelier.

If you’ve neglected your chandelier for years, even decades, unleashing a bottle of W.J. Hagerty will see that thick layer of muck disintegrate and drop away as if you’d taken a pressure hose to the caked-on mud of a car.

As with most of these sprays, the only real work you need to do is to put a plastic covering underneath the chandelier to capture all the drips and drops as they fall. Wiping is unnecessary and a task that only those using inferior chandelier cleaners need to bother with.

So, if you have a bit of extra cash lying around and you want to use it wisely, make sure you’re spending it on a bottle of W.J. Hagerty Chandelier Cleaner.

Highlighted Features

1. Adjustable spray trigger
2. No wiping needed
3. Creates extra shiny chandeliers

5. Sparkle Plenty Chandelier Cleaner

It doesn’t matter if your chandelier has thousands of individual pieces. It doesn’t matter if your chandelier hasn’t had a clean for years. It doesn’t matter if you only have limited time to get your chandelier clean.

Sparkle Plenty Chandelier Cleaner is the answer to your dirty chandelier problems.

This particular bottle of cleaner is 1-gallon, therefore enough for cleaning multiple chandeliers. Just ensure you have something to spray the cleaning solution onto the chandelier in question.

To get the best results with Sparkle Plenty Chandelier Cleaner, make sure you follow the instructions and advice of others who have used it successfully. When you are told to drench your chandelier in this stuff, you make sure you are very liberal with how much of the cleaner you are using. The way your chandelier drips should be reminiscent of how the rain lashes down in a thunderstorm. (Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but we’re sure you get the point).

Used right, you will have perfect, gleaming crystals within an hour. There is no need to take a cloth to the chandelier. If any dirt or dust remains, it means that the cleaning solution did not reach that area. Just give a second generous spray in those places, and you’ll be mightily pleased with the result.

Highlighted Features

1. Removes caked-on dirt and dust
2. 1-gallon bottle for multiple chandeliers
3. Drip dry, no wipe formula

Chandelier Cleaner Buying Guide

When searching for the best chandelier cleaner, it is vital to consider a few factors. Here we take a look at some of those factors to aid you in your selection.

Cleaner power

If you’re trying to clean a chandelier, you want a cleaner that does most of the work for you and that does that work quickly.

The type of cleaner we are talking about should be powerful enough that, if you need to wipe at all, it will be minimal amounts of wiping needed.

Many cleaners nowadays simply require you to spray liberally and then wait for the dirt to drop off.

Cleaner ingredients

Chemicals can be detrimental to your health and the health of your loved ones. The wrong ingredients can also damage a chandelier.

You want to invest in a cleaner that isn’t going to hurt you or the item being cleaned.

Look out for environmentally friendly cleaners that don’t use toxic chemicals and are ammonia-free. You should also make sure that the cleaner you use is suitable for all the materials that make up your chandelier.

Cleaner scent

Some people love the reward of a fresh smell after cleaning. Anyone who has ever used Fabreeze will understand how important that little scent of heaven can be to the cleaning process. So, you have the choice of using a scented spray, with something like lemon or something unscented if you aren’t into that sort of thing.

Cleaner price

We understand that price is always going to be a factor when purchasing something, and our list has cleaners that vary quite a bit in price.

So how do you decide if you want to pay a bit extra? The amount of cleaner you are getting for that price should be considered, as is the amount of time it takes for the cleaner to work. Personally, if we are paying a higher price, we want our cleaner to take a matter of minutes to cut through any dirt.


What is the easiest way to clean a chandelier?

The easiest way to clean a crystal chandelier is to use a drip-dry cleaning solution that doesn’t require you to do any wiping.

You may read that making your own alcohol solution and using a cloth is the easiest way, but that simply isn’t the case.

Yes, this method will get you a clean chandelier, but it will take you hours to ensure every little part is properly clean.

Spray-on cleaning solutions are available now that take a matter of minutes to give you a chandelier that looks so clean it could be newly installed.

The formulas these solutions use are environmentally friendly, leave your chandeliers streak-free, and have you doing other tasks in next to no time.

There really is no easier way to clean a chandelier.

How do you make a crystal chandelier sparkle?

Regular dusting is one way to make sure that a chandelier doesn’t gather so much dust that it loses its sparkle.

However, we may want to dust regularly, but the reality is that we all have busy lives, and for that reason, our chandeliers end up neglected. Once that neglect becomes a habit, it can sometimes be years before the chandelier gets a proper clean.

Part of the reluctance to clean chandeliers comes with the time consumption. Thankfully, we can now use drip dry chandelier cleaners. These not only clean in minutes but leave your chandeliers sparkling as if they were new.

Can you clean a crystal chandelier with vinegar?

A vinegar mixture can be used as a chandelier cleaner, but it will be a longer process than merely using a drip-dry cleaning solution.

It is also not recommended to use vinegar unless there are some rust issues with your chandelier.

Vinegar is an excellent solution to ridding your rust problem.

How do you clean a chandelier without wiping it?

With a powerful cleaning spray, you can watch the dust and dirt drop off a chandelier right before your very eyes.

The best cleaner for chandeliers will do the job so well that you won’t have to wipe. In fact, if there is any dust or dirt left on the chandelier, it will be because the spray missed its target. Make sure you spray liberally, and there will be no need to use a cloth ever again.

Bottom Line

And just like that, we’re at the end of our search for the best crystal chandelier cleaner. It probably took you longer to read this article than it would most of the products to get your chandelier looking pristine.

There are only minor differences between the cleaners we looked at, and while we’re sure that all do a fantastic job, it could be a case of trying a few of them out to see which is your personal favorite.

We can’t see any of these brilliant cleaners letting you down. In fact, you should start planning what you’ll do with all the extra time you’re going to have.