How To Brighten A Room With A Low Ceiling? Is it possible in easy way?

Ceilings can be very difficult to light up. Unfortunately, if not lit properly, the low ceilings and dim lighting can end up making the room seem small and messy, and if you’re anything like me, you will end up feeling claustrophobic in no time! Good lighting can make a room feel airy and spacious, no matter the actual size of the room itself.

So how do you tackle the low-ceiling problem to brighten up your room?

Keep reading to find out!

How To Brighten A Room With A Low Ceiling

Chandeliers and other low-hanging lights are a no-no for rooms with low ceilings. Installing a light that hangs from the ceiling is a horribleidea not only because it will get in your way, but also because it will end up having the illusion of making your ceiling look lower than it actually is. For these reasons, we would advise you to remove any form of hanging lights from your shopping cart

Top Lighting Choices For Rooms With Low Ceilings

Table Lamps And Floor Lamps

Table Lamps and Floor Lampsare great options if you are willing to invest in task lighting. Besides, they also bring ambiance to your room, helping you brighten up the darker corners. You could say that floor lamps and table lamps are a hybrid between task lights and ambient lights, bringing great lighting flexibility to the room. To maximize practicality with Table Lamps and Floor Lamps, we suggest you choose adjustable models.

Wall Lights

Making use of your wall space can prove efficient when you are dealing with a low ceiling; and what better way to make use of your vertical space than using Wall Lights to bring character and warmth to your room? Wall lights are a great alternative to hanging lights, eliminating the need for using your ceiling completely. An excellent way to illuminate your room, they are a must-have if you are looking for a stylish, more modern makeover.


Uplighters are the type of light that point light upwards, diffusing along the wall, offering an elegant look for your room. For rooms with low ceilings, you would want to position the light above midway (vertically from the ceiling) in order to avoid the bulb’s glare. Uplighters create the illusion of a high ceiling by drawing attention towards the brilliant warm light washing up the wall.

Using Pendant Lights in a Room with Low Ceiling

A general rule of thumb for installing pendant lights in rooms with low ceilings is to avoid buying pendants that drop very low or take up a significant amount of ceiling space. You should rather opt for designs that are sleek, simple, and have a shorter drop.

You can hang pendants in your eight-foot ceiling as long as they are not being hung anywhere that you would walk through- like a hallway. Instead, try hanging them over kitchen islands and seating areas, or a dinner table, for example.

Tips for Decorating your Room

While layering lights is a good way to make a tight space or a low-ceiling room look spacious and beautiful, there are also some design hacks using which you can make your living space visually pop out.

Paint your walls in lighter colors

According to a research study, darker colors tend to have the mental and visual effects of enclosure and imprisonment. This means you should opt for lighter colors (white/cream/pastel) in rooms with low ceilings to make them feel airy and spacious rather than clustered.

Opt for simple furniture and other home decors

For a space that is already small in dimensions, using fancy decorations and furniture can end up making your room look and feel messy. Choose simple decorations and furniture instead. Using furniture with lower vertical dimensions and a simple design can be an amazing idea to make your room instantly feel more capacious.

Is the ceiling in your room too low?

Ceilings at a height of about 9 to 10 feet are considered standard. If your house or a room in your space happens to have a ceiling at about 8 feet of vertical height, then your ceiling is to be considered low.


Low ceilings can be easily tackled with creativity and taste. With a good amount of lighting and some design hacks, you can make your room feel more airy and spacious in no time!