chandelier can set the scene in any large space with various shapes, sizes, colors and deliver an elegant touch towards a dramatic turn-up. Finding the proper setup with the right size can turn your room into a majestic suite. Knowing what size chandelier for dining room is essential to tie it down with the rest of the room.

Note down the dimensions of your dining space in inches. The right chandelier should be proportionate to the room’s height, width, and the size of furniture in the room. For example, if your dining space is 10’ by 14’, a chandelier with a 24” diameter should suffice.

What if your favorite chandelier isn’t glowing up as much as you hoped because of a wrong size setup? Surely, you don’t want that. To prevent such an unfortunate incident, you need to select a perfectly sized chandelier for your room.

How To Size A Chandelier

Of course, you don’t want your chandelier to look clunky or too tiny. Too small a chandelier will make your guests sitting in shadow, whereas a big chandelier will seem overbearing in a small place.

So, to get started with the perfect size of the chandelier, here are some tips you should follow.

Chandelier’s Diameter

Selecting a chandelier with the proper diameter depends on the measurement of the length and width of your room.

For example, if your dining space is 10-feet by 14-feet, a chandelier with a 24-inch diameter is the perfect size for your room.

Diameter of Chandelier
Room Length (ft) + Room Width (ft)=Chandelier Diameter (in Inches)
Room Length (ft)Room Width (ft)Chandelier Diameter (Inches)

Chandelier’s Height

If you want to decorate your room elegantly, start with a chandelier. It’ll draw others’ attention the way you want it to.

So, while choosing between pendant or ceiling style, consider the difference between the floor and the ceiling.  While this measurement is most applicable to pendant-type chandeliers, it isn’t always relevant to ceiling-style chandeliers.

For this, firstly calculate the chandelier’s height in inches by multiplying the space’s floor to ceiling distance in feet by 2.5.

Height of Chandelier
Height of room from the floor (in feet)Multiply by 2.5Chandelier height (in inches)
Height of room (in feet)Ideal Chandelier Height (in inches)
10 feet25 inches
9 feet 10 inches24.75 inches
9 feet 8 inches24.167 inches
9 feet 6 inches23.75 inches

Hanging Height

If the chandelier is being hung on an open floor, you should keep its bottom at least 7.5 feet away from the floor. And while hanging it on top of a dining table, there should be a gap of at least 30 to 35 inches from the chandelier and the tabletop.

Things To Consider

A well-chosen crystal chandelier can bring an aesthetic aura into your room. So if you want to beautify your dining space with the best-fitted chandelier, you need to consider the following things carefully.

Chandeliers in Various Style

From round to rectangular, crystal to candle, the chandelier leaves no stone unturned to give a signature look to your home.

But, it’s not just about having a beautiful framed light bar in your dining space. Instead, it’s about lining the perfect chandelier with the proper shape, size, and diameter.

Light Quality

While the chandelier is an ornament of your house, you should keep its lighting capacity in your mind. Without the right amount of light, your guests will either feel like dining right under the sun or think they are in a shady cottage.

According to IES’s (Illuminating Engineering Society) recommendation, 10 to 20 feet candles of measured light are pretty good in quality for a dining space. So then, this number is multiplied by the room area in the formula.

For example, suppose your dining space measures 12 by 15. Now to calculate illumination,

12 x 15 room = 180

180 x 10 ft-candles = 1800, or 180 x 20 ft-candles = 3600.

So, the chandelier in the dining room will provide lumens ranging from 1800 to 3600.

Bulb Cover

A high-wattage chandelier can increase the room temperature and lead to excessive table glare. In addition, as the chandelier directly beams onto people, if the bulbs are overheated, it can make them uncomfortable.

You can control the heat by fixing shades or wall beamer on bulbs. Moreover, you can make your dining space even more elegant by using adjustable downlight fixtures with narrow beam bulbs.

Swapping Shades

You can swap shades for different moods. For a profound or dramatic look, maybe try out creamy yellow shades.

It’s totally up to you how you want to decorate your home so go nuts. However, try to make sure that everyone likes it.

Not Welcomed Large

If you have a comparatively smaller room, don’t buy one mega-sized chandelier. It’ll make your room look stuffy.

Instead, buy a more petite chandelier to complement the whole room. This method can also work if you have an irregularly shaped room.

Ideal Placement to Set-up

Let’s say you brought the perfect size chandelier for your dining space but set it up in an awkward place. Will that work? Absolutely not!

You need to pay heed to the placement of your chandelier. While chandeliers are primarily associated with dining spaces or living rooms, you can consider hanging one up in your bedroom or even in the staircase.

Chandelier Size Guide

Classic modern chandeliers can give your room the additional wow factor it deserves. But to do that, you need to get the chandelier that doesn’t seem to have a drastic overtone but rather a classy one. Here are some tips you can follow.

How Big A Chandelier Do You Need Over A Table?

The calculations are quite different when it comes to the dinner table. First, measure the width of your table and then deduct 12 inches from it. So, for a 36 inches wide table, the perfect width of your chandelier is 24 inches.

Chandelier Size Calculation Chart
Table Width (Inches)Subtract 12Size for Chandelier
Table Width (Inches)Chandelier Size (Inches)

And to measure the chandelier’s length, it should be 12 inches shorter than the table for safety reasons.

Chandelier Diameter Range

Table Width (inches)* 0.5


Table Width (inches)* 0.66

Table WidthFrom (Inches)To (Inches)

Does Table Shape Matter?

Your chandelier should get its deserved compliment when you hang it over the table.

For example, a round table needs a square or round-shaped chandelier to gracefully light up the entire room. Whereas for a long and narrow table, consider choosing a simple long and narrow-shaped chandelier.

Whenever you go chandelier shopping, you’ll see that it’s pretty challenging to match the perfect dimension you want for your space. These measurement thumb rules will assist you in finding the ideal key to the light.

The Center Point

The chandelier is the centerpiece of attraction. Hold on if you’re planning to set it up in the dining space, but your dining table isn’t in the middle of your room.

Don’t look for the center point of the dining room. Instead, you must set it up following the locus of the dining table.

When to Choose Multiple Chandeliers

Consider more than one chandelier if your dining table is quite large, like two smaller pendants or crystal lights.

An enormous chandelier may give off table-glare or look too clunky. But two smaller chandeliers will smoothen the ambiance of the whole room.

Bottom Line

Finding the perfect chandelier for your dining space looks a bit more intimidating than you thought, right? But don’t worry. That’s what our guidelines are here for. Just follow what we discussed, and you should know what size chandelier for dining room.

Decorating your living space with a suitable chandelier will give the room a magical mystic ambiance. Now go and find out the chandelier princess fits your glass slipper dining room!