Whether you want to be a chef or a home cook, you might often think about food processor vs. chopper vs. blender: what’s the difference?

If you try to distinguish the primary difference between a food processor, chopper, and blender, then it’s their function. A food processor is used to process dry or semi-liquid food, and a chopper is used to cut, dice, or chop solid food. On the other hand, a blender is used to blend or mix liquid food.

Besides the fundamental Understanding Food Processor vs Chopper vs Blender: What’s The Difference ? . Read the whole post to know about other factors in detail. You will also get to know about some recipes as well. Let’s go!

Food Processor vs Chopper vs Blender: What’s The Difference?

What Is A Food Processor?

Mainly, a food processor is a kitchen appliance that helps to combine food. Some models offer to do various other functions along with different features.

Functions Food Processor

A food processor mainly helps to process semi-liquid or dry foods. But now, targeting a minimalist lifestyle, they are designed with a multi-functional food processor.

They have different blades, so that chopping can also be done. It can also be used as a juicer. Not all, but some brands offer this juicing facility.

●      Chopping

Chopping using the “S” shaped blade in a food processor can help cut veggies into smaller pieces. Some models allow setting the blade in a position that can help to chop food into finer particles. In the food processor, even meat pieces can be chopped.

●      Grating

Grating means smashing solid food to a softer form. With the help of a food processor, foods like cheese and butter can be mashed into fine granules.

●      Preparing Dough

Preparing dough for bread or pasta or any baking can be messy. But with the help of the food processor, the task becomes pretty effortless. You just put in all the ingredients, and the rotating blades of the machine knead the dough for you.

Extra Features Of Food Processor

If you are a home cook, you can buy a food processor which can help you multitask. On the other hand, if you want to be a chef, you should use a food processor only for its primary purpose. The bare blades will help to get your work done more professionally.

Depending on different models, the food processor comes with additional features.

  • The first feature we can identify is the large cylinder body. Here you can use the “S” shaped blade. It helps to make your dough for pasta, bread, or any other baking.
  • It has chopping blades. With the help of this blade, it can chop vegetables and even meats.
  • Some models come with a juicing option. It comes with a jar that allows making smoothies or shakes.

What Is A Chopper?

Chopper is another handy kitchen appliance. It does what it was precisely named to do – chopping!

Sometimes we try to make food that requires hours of just chopping. A lot of time, it takes away the fun of cooking food.

Suppose you are cooking a special meal. Your menu is salad, spinach soup, or vegetable curry. All these will need hours of chopping if these meals are supposed to feed a minimum of 10 people. That’s an extensive menu!

If you come home tired from a long day of work, you might want to have a refreshing salad. You will feel too exhausted to make one if you have to chop by hand.

In these trying times, one thing will make the job easy, and that is a chopper. It cuts foods into tinier pieces and in the size you want them to be.

Types of Chopper

There are mainly two types of choppers available in the market. Both of them offer some unique benefits based on their chopping mechanism.

●      Manual Chopper

In this one, you have a box that enables you to attach your blade with a spring. The spring is connected with a string that allows you to pull and release the blade. Thus, the blades move and cut up the vegetables.

Another type of manual chopper looks like a hand blender and comes with a sharp blade at the end. It helps chop up meat pieces into finer shapes.

●      Electric Chopper

An electric chopper is more efficient and less time-consuming than a manual chopper. In it, the blade is attached to the electric motor. It kind of works like a food processor, but a miniature version of it.

What Is A Blender?

A blender is another useful electric kitchen appliance. It is one of the most common and most used cooking equipment in a home kitchen. The food blending machine will help you smash solid or semi-solid food into a liquid form.

Blenders can also be used to make smoothies, shakes, coffees, etc.

Features Of A Blender

Primarily, a blender comes with three types of blades. They can have more or less than that according to the model you choose.

  • The first blade is to help you make fruit juice. It creates a fast upward down motion, which enables it to make liquid food more smooth without lumps.
  • The second blade will help you to chop things roughly. It contains small blades that are sharpened from both sides. It helps to roughly chop foods like tomatoes. It even helps to break down the hard nuts like almonds, peanuts, etc.
  • The third blade will help to make a paste. It also helps to make powder from solid and dried foods.

All three blades work at several speeds that a blender provides. You can adjust these speeds to process your food accordingly.

Food Processor vs. Blender: What’s The Difference?

Food processors and blenders are the two most commonly used electric appliances in the kitchen. This goes for both home cooks and professional chefs.

From a distinct point of view, you might think that both food processors and blenders can work the same jobs or even the same in every category. But that is not true. Both are distinguishable in structure and also in purpose.


The 1st difference between a food processor from a blender is that the food processor is larger. But when it comes to blenders, it is different. A typical blender is shaped like a water jug or cylindrical cup.


Blades in the food processor are “S” shaped. The blades are attached to the middle of the food processing jar. The edges are not that sharp or pointy. In some processors, the blades can even be made of plastic.

On the other hand, in blenders, the blades are sharp and pointy. They are located on the bottom of the jar. It allows moving the food in the blender in an upside-down motion.

Processing Food

The foods that are mainly processed in a food processor are like smooching butter or cheese. It can also be used to make a dough or any thick mixture. The mechanism helps with the defining texture of the food.

In the case of a blender, you will see that it is mainly used to mix liquid foods like juice, smoothie, or ice cream. However, it’s better to make ice cream in a food processor.

The food processor has the function of blending, but the blender does not have the operation of the food processor.

Food Processor Vs. Chopper: What’s The Difference?

Food Processors and choppers are pretty different things. However, one can say that choppers are a mini version of a food processor. But if we talk about the primary purpose, then they are different. Here are a few distinguishing factors.


Once again, the size of a food processor is large, and it’s heavily equipped, whereas a chopper is small in size. Also, a food processor cannot be run manually. But choppers can be both automatic and manual.


A food processor can come with multi-purpose blades. In contrast, choppers come with only one type of blade.

Processing Food

A fully-featured model of a food processor can work as both a chopper and blender. But choppers can only be used to chop foods.

In a food processor, you can make pastry dough or any dry or wet mixture. Chopper helps to cut vegetables, meat, onion, etc. Mainly it helps to make salad or soup.

Food Processor vs Chopper vs Blender: What’s The Difference

The work done by a blender and chopper is quite different. They have distinct purposes in the kitchen. Let’s see the differences in detail.

Structure and Blade

In the case of structure and blade, the formation is quite different between a food processor and a chopper.

A blender is designed so that when liquid or semi-liquid foods are processed, it will give them a downward motion. This motion ensures to smash every bit of the food.

In the case of a chopper, the motion is centripetal. It helps to cut foods in pieces but does not smash them wholly.

 Processing Food

A blender is used to make food that is in liquid form. To make smoothie juice or smoothie, a blender is the best choice. You can also use it to make ice cream. Some models even have options to make powder out of dry foods like grains or nuts.

A chopper can be used to make a salad, soup. It mainly helps with the preparation of cooking. You can use it to chop onion, garlic quickly ahead of time. It also helps to chop meat.

Is A Chopper The Same As A Food Processor?

As we have discussed earlier, choppers and food processors are two different appliances of the kitchen. Whether they are the same or not can be distinguished concerning why you are using them.

A food processor can be a multi-purpose appliance. On the other hand, a chopper has only one job. That is, to chop.

If you want to chop some veggies or meat and have a food processor with a chopping function, you can say that chopper and food processor are the same.

Again, if you are looking forward to preparing mashed potatoes, then copper cannot be used in place of a food processor. In that regard, they are not the same.

Thus depending on the purpose of their activity, you can distinguish if they can be said the same or not.

Can A Blender Be Used As A Chopper?

Blender and chopper have two different purposes. But in times of some need, sometimes a blender can be used as a chopper.

If you need finely chopped vegetables or meat, where a little bit of water release is ok, you can use a blender as a chopper. On the other hand, if you don’t need a defined cut, the blender can replace the chopper. In those kinds of chopping, a chopper is the expert option.

Is A Blender Or A Food Processor Better?

This can be a controversial debate depending on the cook. You have to remember that a blender and a food processor are two different kitchen appliances. And if you are following the post, you will understand that they serve different purposes.

Though you can sometimes use a food processor as a blender, you cannot say which one is absolutely better. To decide which one is better, you need to know which food will be prepared.

Suppose you are looking forward to making a cold mango shake. Yes, you can make it in a food processor. But will the texture be as smooth as it will be in a blender? The answer is no. It will not. It might end up having lumps of the mango, or the liquid might be too much to handle for the processor.

Doing it in a blender will help you get a lump-free, well-combined, fine-textured smoothie. For such kinds of food, it is better to use a blender.

On the other hand, if you want to make a smooth and creamy mashed potato, you will want to use a blender. As the potato will be a bit heavy, the processor can handle it well. It will be able to hold the butter, cheese cream in place, giving you the perfect texture you want.

In this place, if you use a blender, the heaviness will not allow it to go down, and the potatoes will not be adequately smashed.

So, we can confidently say that depending on the food that will be prepared, you can decide which one is better, the blender or the food processor. But there is actually no absolute correct answer!

Can A Blender Be Used As A Food Processor?

The answer is yes. In case of handling some food, when a food processor is not available, you can replace the food processor with a blender.

Suppose you want to make tomato soup. Here, you have to mix a lot of ingredients ahead of cooking. In that case, using a food processor is best. Unfortunately, you do not have that with you at the moment, but you have a blender. You can use the blender to mix the soup and proceed further.

In this kind of food making, you can use a blender in place of a food processor.

On the other hand, if you want to make pasta dough, a blender can’t replace the food processor. It simply will not work!

What Does A Food Processor Do That A Blender Doesn’t?

Food Processor vs Chopper vs Blender: What’s The Difference?

A food processor can be compared with a kitchen assistant. With an upgraded model of a food processor, you can chop, blend, and make dough. A food processor can do all these things. A fully-featured food processor can take the place of a blender and a chopper.

On the other hand, all a blender can do is blending.

Thus, we can safely say that a blender cannot do the chopping and processing of food, which a food processor can easily do.

 Some Recipes

Before closing the discussion about the difference between a food processor, chopper, and blender, let’s check out some exciting recipes that you can make by using them. Exploring the recipes will help you better understand what the equipment can do and what it can’t.

Food Processor To Make Mashed Potato

If you are having a steak party, you must be eager to make a creamy and smooth mashed potato.


  1. Some good in-season potatoes
  2. Cream cheese
  3. Cheddar cheese
  4. Unsalted Softened Butter
  5. Table salt
  6. White pepper
  7. Some parsley (optional)


  1. If large, cut the potato in half. If not, leave it whole.
  2. Put water on the stove and when water comes to boil put the potato on the pan.
  3. Cook the potatoes well. You can stick a fork in it to make sure it is well done or not. If the fork passes easily, then it’s good to go.
  4. Peel the potato after boiling. Dipping the potatoes in an ice bath will help to peel them easily.
  5. Now it is time to take out your food processor. Put the butter and cheese in the processor and mix well.
  6. Then smash the potato roughly and put it on the processor, and mix again.
  7. After proper smoothing, put in salt and pepper as per taste and mix.
  8. Take it out in a bowl and garnish it with melted butter and parsley.

Your mashed potato should now be good to serve.

Chopper To Make Chicken Salad

Chicken salad can be a fundamental part of a balanced diet. You can use a chopper to make your perfect salad.


  1. Boiled chicken breast
  2. Spinach and other herbs you like
  3. Roasted nuts
  4. Lime juice
  5. Table salt
  6. Black pepper
  7. Olive oil


  1. Finely chop the herbs into bite-size pieces with the help of the chopper.
  2. Again, use the chopper to cut up the chicken into small cubes.
  3. Take a bowl and put in the herbs, chicken, and nuts.
  4. Drizzle lime juice, salt, black pepper, and olive oil as per taste.
  5. Give it a good hand mix.

Your salad is now ready to meet your hunger with nutrition.

Blender To Make Chocolate Shake

In a hot-sweaty summer, a glass of cold chocolate shake can’t be beaten by anything. Let’s see how you can use your blender to have a perfect glass of chocolate milkshake.


  1. Chocolate syrup
  2. Chocolate ice-cream
  3. Cold milk
  4. Ice-cubes
  5. Caramel (optional)


  1. Take your blender jar.
  2. Put the ice cream, chocolate syrup, milk, and ice cubes in it.
  3. Blend it all together for 30 to 40 seconds.
  4. Take your glass, put some chocolate syrup and caramel on the sides.
  5. Now again, take some ice cubes and pour the mixture on the glass.
  6. Drizzle some more chocolate syrup and caramel on the top.

Your soothing drink is ready to serve with a straw.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Should I get a food processor or chopper?

If you have a budget constraint that you can either go for a food processor or chopper, it is better to have the food processor. A food processor can do multitasking. In case the budget supports you, it’s best to have both in your kitchen.

Is a food processor worth it?

Food Processor vs Chopper vs Blender: What’s The Difference?

A food processor is a multi-tasking device. It will not only help to make dough of pasta or pie crust. It can blend, grind, make a paste and even chop for you. It makes your tasks easier and time-worthy. So it’s definitely worth it!

Can I put frozen fruit in a food processor?

Yes, you can put frozen fruit in a food processor. If you are looking forward to making juice or smoothies, make sure you have put in some water or milk along with it too.

Final Words

Sometimes, you might get confused about choosing Understanding the Food Processor vs Chopper vs Blender: What’s The Difference? While buying kitchen appliances, especially when you are new to this cooking world.

Hopefully, this post will guide you through and make cooking easier by clear all your confusions regarding ‘food processor vs. chopper vs. blender: what’s the difference?’ It will let you know which appliance to use for which purpose. Using a proper machine will save you time and energy. Sometimes, it will also help enhance the taste of the food. Have a fun time experimenting with your own cooking style in the kitchen!