Dish detergent is another name for dishwashing. How to Put Dish Detergent in a Dishwasher? Its liquid particularly used for washing dishes. They’re usually high foaming with a mixture of surfactants that are fairly mild on the skin and cause minimal irritation. Ranging from plates, glasses, cutlery, and a variety of other cooking utensils, dish detergents do a brilliant job to make them squeaky clean. What’s even better about these cool-looking effective cleaning liquids is that they can be used in a dishwasher conveniently.

However, filling a dishwasher with dish detergent can be a fairly easy task. Since dish detergents generally come in bottles, it’s effortless to pour them out. So, here are some ways to put dish detergent into your dishwasher:

Push Button Detergent Pockets:

Some dishwashers have a button-operated detergent pocket. The pocket is covered with a door that slides open when a button is pressed on the side.  Usually, the inside of the pocket is marked by a fill line. To fill it with your dish detergent, just press the button and let the lid slide open. Pour detergent up to the fill line. You can even go a bit above the lone, but don’t fill it till the brim. Overfilling the pocket isn’t necessarily a recipe for disaster nobody enjoys too much suds in their dishwasher anyway.

Twist Open Detergent Cups:

Dish detergents dispensers such as these are basically cups that have a lid on them that can be opened by twisting it out. To fill these, just twist open the caps and fill them up completely. Lastly, put the lid back on.

Click lock compartments:

The click-lock detergent compartments come with a click-lock lid on top. Once the lid is opened just pour detergent till the compartment is filled and then close it with a satisfying click.

At times when your dishes are too messy and have persistent food stains after staying unwashed overnight, you may feel some additional cleaning is required. For such times, dishwashers have a pre-clean pocket/compartment in them. Before starting a wash cycle, besides filling the main cup, fill the pre-wash pocket/compartment with the dish detergent for a more extensive wash.