How To Make Madeleines Without Mold:

Madeleines are a type of delicious sweet butter treat that is great for desserts or as a small snack. These butte cakes are very delicate, filled with delicious flavor, and also a traditional French delicacy. The cakes are well known for their delicious tastes, subtle flavor, and more importantly, their scalloped shell shape. To be precise, the scalloped shell shape is what marks the French tradition.

How To Make Madeleines Without Mold? There is also an interesting story behind its name and this interesting shape. The cake is named after its creator Madeleine who had invented the recipe of this delectable treat on her way to ‘Compostela’. She offered her delicious treats to several pilgrims who were passing through Lorraine in the 19th century. Many folk stories say that the seashell shape reflects the stories of heroic pilgrims and their journey to the ocean. What a fascinating tale it is, isn’t it?

So you see, the seashell shape is very significant as it represents tradition, history, and folk tales. If you want to make traditional-looking madeleines, you can always use specifically shaped molds. But you can be assured that it has nothing to do with its taste or the recipe. But if you happen to not have the special mold, you can still carry on and make some delicious cakes. You may have gone through recipe tutorials where they have used molds. Here, you will get to learn about the alternatives of molds and how you can make madeleines without using one.

How To Make Madeleines Without Mold:Steps by Steps Guideline

Baking Trays

First off, baking trays are always the best partners for making cakes, cookies, or any sweet treats. If you have the right oven skills, you can easily make madeleines on a plain baking tray. If you know the trick, you can even beat the seashell shape while using the tray. For that, you need to make sure that it’s not too runny and the spaces are even. Otherwise, your cakes mats get stuck with each other and make gluey pancakes.

How To Make Madeleines Without Mold? Overall, it’s pretty easy like making any other cookies. Take your mixture and place it over the tray one scoop at a time, put the tray in the oven, and set the right temperature and time. How to get the seashell-looking spikes? Use a fork to draw seashell-looking curves around the edges of the cake.

Cupcake Mould

Surprised? Yes, you should be. You can easily replace your madeleine molds with cupcake ones. But you need to make some adjustments as well. See, cupcake molds are a tap bit thicker than the special madeleine molds, so you need to adjust your oven temperature and timer setting accordingly.

Cupcake liners are also a good idea because the madeleine mix tends to get runny. Also, remember to firmly oil the sides and bottoms of the madeleines so that they can be removed from the pan in one piece without any hassle.

Aluminum Foils

Well, we will suggest using baking trays or cupcake molds if you don’t have the special madeleine molds. We found some special alternatives being used by some skilled cooks online but it requires real skills. But you can always give it a go, right?

First, you have to take a plain aluminum foil and wrap it accordingly to make a bowl-like structure. If you are an origami-loving person or good with crafts, you can throw some wavy designs on the sides as well to give your madeleines the seashell type of structure. Whatever you do, make 100% sure that it holds the madeleine mix steadily. Do not fill up the handmade molds as the mix will expand while being cooked in the oven.

Sheet Pan

Finally, we come to our least recommended alternative. You can use a sheet pan if you don’t have any of the three options we talked about. The good news is that it’s pretty easy and you can always enjoy a delicious cake.

First, place a baking sheet on the pan and cover it fully and give a slide push in each corner so that there are no air pockets or gaps. Then, pour your madeleine mix over the pan and put it gently in the oven. That’s quite it. Yes, very simple indeed. Make sure that you are using a thin layer. A thin layer will ensure that the whole cake is being cooked evenly. After it’s cooked, bring it out from the oven, cut it in any shape you want to, and enjoy!

So you see, having expensive commodities is not always necessary. You can always make and enjoy a tasty madeleine without having to take extra costs of buying molds. Just use whatever you have. Remember, it is love that makes your dishes yummy.