Rinse aid is essential for every dishwasher to ensure that it is grime-free and dry, ensuring the best performance out of your Samsung dishwasher. The drying process is accelerated with the help of the use of rinse aid as the surface tension of water on dishes is reduced.

Water spots will evaporate really quickly and your dishes will come out squeaky clean, polished, and sparkling after every wash.

But where do we put the rinse aid in a Samsung dishwasher? To answer that, you will need to fiddle around with your dishwasher for a while and familiarize yourself with all the parts.

Typically, however, you will need to look for the rinse aid cap, which should be located near the door of the dishwasher. The rinse aid dispensers are right around the place where the detergent dispenser is located on your Samsung dishwasher.

A Samsung dishwasher is designed to use only liquid rinse aids, and using powdered ones can clog the opening of the reservoir, so be careful to take notice of the type of rinse aid you use.

That being said, open up your dishwasher and flip the tab on the Samsung rinse aid dispenser door by turning it counterclockwise and pull out the cap. Pour in the liquid rinse aid and keep an eye out to make sure that the dispenser does not overfill itself.

There is an indicator that will turn blue to tell you that you have added enough rinse aid to the dispenser. After ensuring that enough rinse aid has been added, place the cap back on and close the dispenser door, making sure that it clicks into place. You can securely lock the cap by rotating it clockwise.

You can also control the amount of rinse aid released by turning the rinse aid indicator dial that is located right next to the rinse aid dispenser. A higher number on the indicator informs you that more rinse aid is being used.

You will know when it is time to refill the rinse aid dispenser again when the rinse refill indicator lights up on the control panel. Refill with liquid rinse aid only, as powdered rinse aid is not compatible with the dishwasher.

Most Samsung dishwashers have the rinse aid dispenser in the same location with the same functionality. So, to summarize:

  • Simply open up the dispenser.
  • Unscrew the cap.
  • Add in the rinse aid.
  • Screw the cap back on.
  • Close the dispenser door.

It really is as simple as that!